Assassin Minigame v2.0

A minigame that works in a survival Minecraft Server.

  1. DrOverbuild
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    AssassinMinigame is a plugin that integrates a minigame called Assassin into your survival server.

    How to play Assassin
    All of the players playing assassin are teleported to the selected map. They are given 10 seconds to spread out. After 10 seconds, one player is chosen to be the Assassin, and he must kill all of the other players in the minigame to win. The assassin must kill secretly, so the other players don't know who is the assassin.

    However, one player is chosen to be the archer, and this player must find the assassin and kill him so he and the rest of the players (the civilians) can win. If the assassin kills the archer, another player must retrieve the dropped infinity bow and arrow and then that player becomes the archer.

    Every 15 seconds, two items spawn around the players (configurable). It is either a bow or an arrow, and the assassin cannot pick up these items; only civilians can, so if the assassin takes too long to kill all the players, the civilians have a chance to kill him if the archer doesn't.

    You can view a video of gameplay here:

    Getting in the Game
    This plugin was built so that Assassin could be played on a single-world survival server. To play the game, players must type "/assassin join". The server will announce that this player is playing Assassin, and "(Assassin)" will be appended to his username on the tab list. Once there are at least three players playing Assassin, a player must type "/assassin start" to start the game.

    The Game Coordinator
    If there are no players in the minigame, the first one who does becomes the game coordinator. This player currently only has the ability to select the next map to play on. The game coordinator will be able to do much more than this in the future, such as kick a player from the minigame, give the game coordinator status to another player, etc. However, these features have not been added yet.

    • Leaderboards Players are rewarded for winning Assassin. Civilians who kill other civilians with their bows will be punished. The civilian who kills the assassin will be rewarded 10 points, and every other civilian will be rewarded 5. If the assassin wins, he will be rewarded 5 points, plus 2 points for each players he kills. If a civilian shoots another civilian with a bow, the killer will lose 10 points. The top five scores plus your own can be viewed by typing "/assassin leaderboards"
    • Lobby When players join the game, they are teleported to a configured location called the lobby. This can be spawn or a hollow box of barrier blocks in the sky... it's up to you. Type "/assassin config spawn lobby" to set the spawn of the lobby.
    • Multiple Maps You can set up multiple maps. Type "/assassin config map add [map_name]" to add a new map. Type "/assassin config spawn [map_name]" to change the spawn location of the map. The game coordinator (or the first person to join the game) or an operator gets to choose the next map by typing "/assassin map [map_name]". If there is no map chosen when the game starts, a random one is automatically chosen. To remove a map, type "/assassin config map delete [map_name]".
    • Localization Edit plugins/AssassinMinigame/messages.yml to customize every message that is sent to players. If a message supports certain variables, all of those variables are in the default message so you know what variables you can use.
    • Configurable Much of the plugin works out of the box with only the requirement of adding a map, and even then, a default map is added if none exist. However, if you want to fine tune the plugin, many options are configurable, and many more are to come.
    • TitleAPI: This is required if you wish to display titles during the game. The titles will tell each player at the beginning of the game whether they are a civilian, the archer, or the assassin. The plugin will still work without this dependency, but there won't be titles. If this dependency is not present, AssassinMinigame will send players a message via chat instead.

    Additional Info
    • This plugin creates the team "Assassin" from the server's main scoreboard, plus a new objective called "assassinScore". If you are currently using these on your server, using this plugin is not recommended.
    • While minimum-players can be configured, if it is set to less than 3, the plugin will automatically bump it back up to 3.

Recent Updates

  1. v2.0
  2. Configuration Features
  3. Small fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Zepher
    Version: v1.4
    good idea of a plugin but when i have 3 people in the assassin lobby and we've all done assassin join, then i type/ assassin start it says
    An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command
    1. DrOverbuild
      Author's Response
      Does it keep happening after you try it again? What does the console say when you enter the command?
  2. ChickenWorld
    Version: v1.4
    I like the multiple maps support thank youuuu. Please add more features for the archer because after a while it is boring to play.
  3. Pixlation
    Version: v1.3.1
    All I can say is. Its just plain average, this resource has been out for a long time and implementing custom configuration and messages does not seem to exist in the plugin or at least isn't loading for me. You can't change how many players can play the game, there is no option to setup the location for the arena and overall the format and system just doesn't look good. I am trying to be very fair and say that its very average, a lot needs to be worked on. Also its very easy to add the option to start the arena automatically, this stuff isn't hard it just seems to lack a good sense of development in terms of how much you care for this because it just seems to be laziness. I will improve my rating once I see more.

    Thx Pixl
    1. DrOverbuild
      Author's Response
      Thanks! You just motivated me to continue working on this resource.
  4. zoli0
    Version: v1.3
    I do not know yet what it looks good from the plugin description. At present, the matching build my map which will take 2-3 days. Until then, one would be an issue in the future will be to develop the case when a certain number of players in the game will start automatically? based on the description I read that, players must enter the command.
    1. DrOverbuild
      Author's Response
      Yes, a player must enter the command to start it. However, I can add an automatic start soon.
  5. Burakcraft02
    Version: v1.3
    Good Plugin you plugin need updates :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))