Assassins [1.8 - 1.16+] v1.2

Give your players stealthy commands and abilities, just like an Assassin!

  1. Update 1.2

    - changed the format of all the commands (eg. instead of “/ashelp” it’s now “/as help”).

    - added /assassins view - Shoots you 10 blocks up into the sky to get a better view!

    - addd “assassins.view” permission node to be able to use the /as view command.

    - added view toggled on and off messages which can be changed in the config.

    - added a climb mechanic where if the player clicks on a wall whilst sneaking, they can climb it upto 10 blocks high!
  2. Update 1.1 (Minor Changes & A Prefix!)

    - added a prefix to the plugin and all the messages that show too!

    - changed the fall percent so its now out of 100% instead of out of 101%.

    - changed lunge mechanic so you lunge further now and can lunge through players!