Assault the Nexus - Destroy or be destroyed 1.6.5

Annihilation minigame. (Destroy the Nexus)

  1. Raira
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Mr_Little_Kitty, Neuter (Russian translation), stefatorus (Romanian translation), sunique (Icon), KaktusekCZ (New icon and images)
    Destroy or be destroyed.

    I'm sure you've heard before about assault the nexus, am I right? If you have not, then have a quick read about it below.

    Assault the nexus is a minigame in which there's 4 teams, each having a vital monument called the nexus. The nexus is usually an ender stone.
    The nexus has to be hit 75 times before it is destroyed. Once it has been destroyed, the players in that team cannot respawn, so look out for rogue players.

    The game is broken up into 5 phases.

    • Phase 1: Start of the game, the nexuses cannot be mined yet, use this phase to prepare for battle.
    • Phase 2: The nexuses lose their invincibility and can now be mined. Watch out for enemy players trying to sneak into your nexus!
    • Phase 3: Diamonds spawn in the map.
    • Phase 4: Bosses spawn in the coliseums.
    • Phase 5: Nexuses receive double damage when mined.

    Scoreboard, spawn with team join signs and chat messages.
    Team join signs.
    Team selector GUI.
    Kit menu.
    Map vote menu.
    A couple messages when you join a team and a phase changes.
    Third person view of Green's base. (On the map "Coastal")

    Map Builder:
    Main map builder menu.
    Loading a map to edit.
    To go to the map.
    The map map builder.
    A couple of the options.

    "Coastal" map:
    Aerial view of the Green team's spawn.

    Aerial view of the outer part of Green's base. (Mines, colisseums...)
    Aerial view of the middle of the map.

    If you want any other picture here, let me know.

    1. Once you've downloaded the resource, extract the jar files in the zip file.
    2. Drag AssaultTheNexus.jar (Core), AssaultTheNexusRestorer.jar (World restorer, optional), AssaultTheNexusXP (XP System, optional), AssaultTheNexusVaultExtension.jar (Vault extension, optional) and AssaultTheNexusStats(Statistics for the game, optional) into your plugins folder.
    3. Run the server once and stop it.
    4. Go to the folder named AssaultTheNexus in your plugins folder and edit the configuration files as you want.
    5. Add a map by dragging the map file into the folder worlds in your Annihilation folder.
    6. Run the server and use the map builder to setup the map.
    7. Once you're done, save the map by doing /anni save or by using the mapbuilder.
    8. Stop or reload
    9. You're good to go!
    10. [Optional] To add kits, drag the AssaultTheNexusKits.jar file into the AssaultTheNexus/Kits folder. (I'll make a tutorial on how to make you're own custom kits later on)
    11. To setup the AssaultTheNexus XP system or the statistics system, open up the .yml files of these (AnniXPConfig.yml, AnniStatsConfig.yml) and fill in your MySQL's server and database information, reload or start the server and done. The plugins should set up the rest for you.
    /anni - Gives you an item to an inventory which gives you some game options.
    /anni start - Starts the game.
    /anni mapbuilder - Gives you the mapbuilder which you can use to setup your map.
    /team <Team> - Use this command to join a team, or use the team gui.
    /area - Use this command to make unbreakable areas. (Or without pvp or hunger, use this in the lobby)
    /vote - Use this command to vote for a map.
    /kit - Use this command to selecto your kits [TODO, kit system where you can add your own kits]
    /enderchest, echest, ec, cheste - Opens your private ender chest if you have enabled the command in the config and if you have the permission.
    /stats, /stats <Player> - Sends you your statistics or another player's statistics.

    View attachment 213697
    • A.Anni - Gives you permission for the /anni command.
    • A.Area - Gives you access to the /area command.
    • Anni.JoinPhase.<Phase> - Allows players to be able to join in specific phases. [Phase join limit can be edited
    • Anni.BypassJoin - Allows players to bypass the team balancer.
    • Anni.EC - Permission to use the ender chest command. (If enabled)
    • Anni.Kits.<Kit Name> - Gives permission to a certain kit. Ex.: Anni.Kits.Acrobat, would give permission to the acrobat kit.
    If you are a developer, take a look at the AssaultTheNexusKits if you want to make your own:

    A video tutorial on how to make a kit:

    Be sure to report any bugs in this plugin or things you would like to see in it via a PM on spigot, the Discord server, or on the discussion section.

    The phase bar/action bar will glitch out if you try to run a protocol support server with this plugin. [1.8 server supporting 1.7 clients]
    If you wish to have a 1.7.X and 1.8.X server, use Spigot-1649 with protocol hack.

    NOTE 2:
    This plugin uses Metrics by default to give me an idea of how many people use the plugin regularly and other information.
    If you do not want the plugin to send info to, you have an option in the main configuration file to disable Metrics.

    Icons used have been made using

    If you like the plugin be sure to leave a review.


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    2. Logo_128.png
    3. Logo_500.png
    4. Logo_1000.png
    5. Permissions.png
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