Async Antibot and Whitelist 3.3

New idea to stop bot attacks!

  1. Support for Skript 2.6

    A method was deprecated so I have fixed it :D

    This version has only been tested on 1.17 Paper and Skript 2.6 (It may or may not work on older versions!)
  2. Spam reducer

    Minor improvements.
    Changed antibot messages to actionbar messages
    Added a bot join counter
    Other random things
  3. Added a custom connection throttle option and 1.8 support

    Tidied up code
    Added a strict-joins option
    1.8 support
  4. Full recode

    Removed 1.8 support
    Changed to Async Events
    Added whitelist (Originally just antibot)
    Allowed Antibot to be toggled (If someone wanted just the whitelist)
    Tidied up code a little
    random extras
  5. Added support for 1.9 + #Use link in description

    Added support for MC 1.9 - 1.15. Use the link in the description for everything you need