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  1. WorldEdit 7.2.0-beta-02 compatibility

    In this version I (finally) added support for java 12+. The plugin was tested with java 8 all up to 14. It worked without any issues but please note that I'm testing on a bare-bone server (WE + AWE only) and it might not be compatible with all plugins when you use java 12+. I consider the support for java 12+ experimental/beta, therefore I still do not recommend it if its absolutely not needed. That said if you experience problems while running the plugin on java 12 send me a PM with the error and full server startup log.


    • WorldEdit 7.2.0-beta-02 compatibility
    • Fixed 3d biome support
    • Updated local session wrapper
    • Fix distr command
    Please read:
    This release is designed to work on Minecraft (Spigot) 1.13+ it won't work on any older version of Minecraft. For Minecraft 1.12 and older please use old version 3.5.4 and WE

    This version was build and tested against WorldEdit 7.2.0-beta, it won't work with any older version of WorldEdit
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