AsyncWorldEdit 3.9.4

Async WorldEdit - Edit millions of blocks without lag!

  1. A leap forward...

    IMPORTANT: This build works with Minecraft 1.17 (and earlier), although at the time of release there is no Minecraft 1.17 compatible version of WorldEdit, therefore all NBT related operations will not work. You might have luck with new DEV versions (when they are released) but at this moment its a lottery, they might work they might not.
    For a regular release you should expect a new version of AWE not sooner then next weekend (if no critical bugs are reported and new builds of WE are available).
    • Further fixes for Java 16 compatibility
    • Latest WorldEdit dev build support (2021.05.27)

    Please read:

    This release is designed to work on Minecraft (Spigot) 1.13+ it won't work on any older version of Minecraft. For Minecraft 1.12 and older please use old version 3.5.4 and WE

    This version was build and tested against WorldEdit 7.2.5, and latest 7.3.0 DEV. It might work with recent dev snapshots but as a general rule dev builds are not supported.
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