AsyncWorldEdit 3.9.4

Async WorldEdit - Edit millions of blocks without lag!

  1. AsyncWorldEdit 2.0-RC4

    • Updated to WorldEdit 3205-765d987 (tested on WorldEdit up to 3221-91d3292)
    • Use local player list instead of the server list
    • Changed how progress bar works
    • Some code cleanup
    • Added some API functions (check guthub changelog)
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  2. AsyncWorldEdit 2.0RC-3

    * fixed plotme mask handling
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  3. AsyncWorldEdit 2.0-RC2

    ADD: Added dynamic block placing speed
    ADD: Added maximum time AWE can spend on placing blocks
    ADD: Added block filtering before placing - ignore same blocks
    ADD: Added ClassFactory ( needed by ClipboardCommands injector)
    ADD: Added asynced clipboard copy
    ADD: Added WaitFor class used to force sequence for some asynced operations (cut = copy + set(0))
    FIX: Fixed tree/forest generation
    FIX: Fixed injected blocks not bein queued
    FIX: Fixed block get task not stopping correctly
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  4. AsyncWorldEdit 2.0-RC1

    First release candidate for new WorldEdit API.

    To install this build copy: AsyncWorldEdit.jar and AsyncWorldEditInjector.jar into your plugins folder.

    To use this version you need one of the dev builds of WorldEdit.
    This build was tested with WorldEdit 3132-36c02ae and 3165-75b9f3e.
    This build is not compatible with the old WorldEdit API

    Old version of the plugin for older versions of WorldEdit is available on project page on GitHub...
  5. AsyncWorldEdit 1.3

    • Fixed handling of asynchronous block get causing invalid chunk state exception
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  6. AsyncWorldEdit 1.2

    * Fixed brush mask handling bug
    * Added configuration option to turn off the barApi integration
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  7. AsyncWorldEdit 1.1

    • Updated wrapper classes to WorldEdit 5.6
    • Changed how the message about the AWE global queue limit reached is displayed
  8. 1.0 release

    I changed how AWE integrates with WorldEdit therefore you may get some errors on the console after it hooks into WE, this is 100% normal! I also changed the way synced block get works and added asynced regen.
  9. AsyncWorldEdit 1.0-RC7a

    Migrated to GitHub API for version checking.