Atlas | Custom Packet Listening | Numerous Utils | Block BoundingBoxes | 1.7-1.14

The most compact, accurate, and featureful Bukkit plugin API.

  1. General Bug Fixes

    - Updated ProjectCarbon to 1.2.3.
    - Fixed any startup errors or other miscellaneous errors.
    - Made the jar package size a lot smaller.
    - Remapped some dependencies to prevent interference with other plugins.
    - Implemented new encrypted fields to databases.
    - Improved performance and fixed other minor bugs.
  2. Database Update and General Improvements

    - Reverted to TinyProtocol for extra functionality and increased accuracy (credits to @DeprecatedLuke for parts of it).
    - Decreased file sizes of Atlas and AtlasBungee drastically.
    - Updated Profiler with new functionality and increased accuracy in its math.
    - Added Tuple<K, V> object. Allows for objects to put in collections that are paired together.
    - Added ProtocolVersion checking to 1.7.10.
    - Now defaults to ViaVersion if the plugin is...
  3. General Bug Fixes and New Entity APIs

    **WARNING**: There have been a few method changes that will definitely break plugins depending on older versions of Atlas (Atlas#initializeScanner). Please review your plugin or ask the author of your plugin using Atlas to ensure that provisions have been made to be compatible with this version of Atlas.

    - Added method TinyProtocolHandler#getProtocolVersion(Player).
    - Added reflection method MinecraftReflection#getProtocolVersion(Player).
    - Added reflection method...
  4. Many New Improvements and Additions

    - Added ForgeAPI functionality.
    - Added Bungee API.
    - Fixed bugs with BlockBox#getCollidingBlocks that occurred with specific blocks including water. This was found only in 1.9-1.12.2 versions of Minecraft.
    - Changed MinecraftReflection#toAABB's return type to a variable return type.
    - Added new WrappedClass#getMethods and WrappedClass#getFields methods.
    - Added WrappedField#getModifiers and WrappedMethod#getModifiers to simplify getting the modifiers of a...
  5. Improves Performance and Fixes Errors [v1.5.4 Release]

    - Fixed memory issues.
    - Fixed ArraysOutOfBoundsException error.
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  6. General Bug Fixes [v1.5.3 Release]

    - Fixes ConcurrentModificationError with the profiling system.
    - Fixes random "Disconnected" bug.
    - Fixes inaccuracy MathUtils#approxEquals.
    - Fixes bug in 1.13+ that prevents Atlas from loading.
    - Fixes NPE with WrappedClass#getConstrcutor().

  7. Added new Objects and Fixed 1.7 Error [v1.5.2 Release]

    - Added EvictingList, ConcurrentEvictingList, EvictingSet, and ConcurrentEvictingSet.
    - Added FilteredList, ConcurrentFilteredList, FilteredSet, and ConcurrentFilteredSet.
    - Added Interval.
    - Fixed error in 1.7.10 with BaseBlockPosition.
  8. Fixes Minor Bug for 1.8+ [v1.5.1 Release]

    Fixes error in 1.8+ versions inside of the BaseBlockPosition class (I made a typo).
  9. New Packet Wrappers and Improved Performance [1.5 Release]

    - Added new EvictingList object (By @DeprecatedLuke)
    - Added an index-based method and field getter to WrappedClass.
    - Added the ability to send WrappedOutAbilitiesPacket packets.
    - Added the ability to send WrappedOutBlockChange packets.
    - Added the ability to send WrappedOutPositionPacket packets.
    - Added the ability to send WrappedOutTabComplete packets.
    - Added WrappedOutRespawnPacket wrapper for PacketPlayOutRespawn.
    - Added the...
  10. Packet Hot-Fix for 1.7.10

    If your server isn't running a spigot with a Minecraft 1.7.10 base, then there is no need to update to this version.