atsBlockGenerator | Craftable infinite block generator 2.4

The plugin that allows crafting infinite blocks generators

  1. Andret2344
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
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    The plugin allows to craft the generator block, that will generate another (or the same - decide!) block above itself as in the infinite loop with certain delay,

    You can define any amount of own generators in the config.yml file. Name needs to be present to correct working, has to be unique in a plugin. You are able to configure the generatorItem block as a ItemStack, what means you can set it's material, name and lore as you wish. The same situation is with the blocks that are generatedItem above the generators, you have to set the material and can (but don't have to) set the name and lore. You can also define the own crafting for each generatorItem (crafting recipes have to be unique in the whole plugin!), and define the regen delay set in ticks.
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