Attention 1.14.4-R1

Bump players. Get your name pinged. Dominate the world.

  1. Weby
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    • 1.14
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    A plugin for your ego.

    This plugin allows any player having the permission attention.bump to bump any other player on the server.

    In addition, every player has the opportunity to get a ping when their name is mentioned in the chat. This is off by default for every player.

    A config file is included. You can change pretty much everything in the plugin, from the permissions to use to the status and error messages, and even the commands !

    If you mess up the configuration file, you can always download the original one here.

    Default permissions
    • attention.bump : Bump any other player with the /bump command.
    • : Get a ping whenever your name is mentioned in chat.
    • attention.nocooldown : Disables the cooldown altogether
    • /bump <player> [player2] ... : Bump one or several players using their nickname. Works from console.
    • /chatping [on|off] : Toggle, enable or disable the ping when your name is mentioned.
    Source code
    The source code for this project is located in Github :

    Spigot page
    The spigot page of this project is located here :

    This is released under the Beerware license.

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