Auction Storm 1.3.0

A simple auctioning plugin

  1. Lava_Ingot
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
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    This is an auction plugin originally made for HollandCraft (ip –

    To create an auction just hold the desired item in your hand and use –

    /as start <price> [amount] [increment] [duration]

    • price
      • The price with which you want the bidding to start.
    • amount
      • The amount of the item you want to sell (standard = everything in your hand) and can be greater than 64 or "all", if it's "all" it will auction of everything you have of the item.
    • increment
      • The amount of money you want every bid to increase with; (standard = 10, configurable).
    • duration
      • How long you want the auction to last; (standard = 60 seconds, configurable).

    • Supports Vault permissions and economy!
    • Auction info, displayed when hovering above messages.
    • Auction logging (can be turned off in config)
      • Log all auctions so you can refund the items and money spent (only admin).
    • Message customization
      • Customize every message players receive in the messages.yml.
    • Auction cancelling
      • Admins can cancel the current auction (with the as.cancel permission node) the player who created the auction can cancel as well.
    • Blacklist
      • Option to blacklist certain items in config.
    • Creative blocking
      • Auction Storm does not allow the creation of an auction while in creative, this can be configured.
    • Anti-Snipe
      • When a player bids when the auction has 5 seconds remaining, the remaining time is increased by 30 seconds. Both values can be configured.

    /auction – Main auction command. Use /auction help to get more information.
    Aliases – /auc, /auctionstorm & /as
    /bid [bid amount] [secret bid] – Bid on the current auction, the secret bid is the bid which automatically outbids the next bid.
    Alternative for /auction bid
    /asadmin – All admin commands are contained within this command.


    • as.* – Gives permissions for all Auction Storm commands.
    • as.base – Base Auction Storm permission.
    • as.creative – Permission to start an auction in creative.
    • as.admin – Permmision to use the admin command.
    • as.reload – Permission to reload the config files.
    • as.defaults – Permission to reset the config files.
    • as.return – Permission to refund – Permission to cancel any and all auctions.


    This plugin is drag and drop, it does however require Vault, a vault-dependent economy plugin and my library plugin: Alchemic Library.

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