AuctionHouse-Legacy 1.8.13

An AuctionHouse plugin for 1.12.2 with a familiar interface

  1. Bug Fix

    This release fixes an issue where strict mode was not checking for shift-click and players could move items into the menu.
  2. Feature Parity Release (Beta 1)

    This beta release updates AuctionHouse-Legacy to feature parity with the AuctionHouse plugin (for 1.13+).

    Adds a ton of features however extensive testing has not been performed on this beta release.

    Backup your data files before using this version in case you need to roll back. It will update your config.yml, en_us.json files as well.
  3. Fix Regression Issue

    This fixes a regression issue with how items are dropped when a player joins. It will no longer do this in a thread since it can cause an exception due to adding an entity asynchronously.
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  4. Performance Improvement!

    More performance improvements in the menu listener and menu click code...
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  5. Performance Improvement!

    Because you can never have enough of a good thing...

    Small fix in how listings are handled in the active listings, player listings, expired listings and sold items menus.

    Oh, and also fixed the defaults in the config.yml for the sounds.

    drop: entity.player.burp
  6. Bug Fixes/Code Cleanup

    Implemented threading for some player events.
    Fixed possible issue with economy transaction failures.
    General code cleanup

    No changes to the config.yml or locales versions.

    As always, backup your data before upgrading to make sure you can roll back if you encounter issues!
  7. Bug Fix for Chat Localization

    This release fixes an issue where the plugin would throw an exception after not finding a method used in BungeeCord Chat API for translation.

    BungeeCord Chat API is included in Spigot builds. If you are using a Spigot 1.12.x build that was built with BuildTools before a certain date, that Spigot build would have included an older BungeeCord Chat API that did not include several ComponentBuilder methods for appending BaseComponents.

    Since most all of you should be running the latest...
  8. Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where button material changes in config.yml would only take effect when server restarted. It will now work as well when /ah reload command is issued.

    Cleaned up some dependency issues with Chat API. Might fix some issues.

    Changed some behavior in removing any AH items including button items that might get moved into the player's inventory.

    No changes to the config.yml or locale files.
  9. Bug Fix

    Bug fix to correct incorrect bungee-api version.
  10. Blacklisting / Small Bug Fixes

    This is really just a clean up release.

    Only notable change is the addition of damage and unbreakable settings under blacklisted items.

    Small changes in how unrecognized item names in the blacklist are handled.

    Fixed an issue where damaged items such as weapons might not translate correctly.

    *Please note that config.yml sample blacklist items should use COMMAND instead of COMMAND_BLOCK.