AuctionHouse 1.5.4

An AuctionHouse plugin for 1.13.x with a familiar interface

  1. klugemonkey
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    AuctionHouse 1.5.4



    AuctionHouse allows players to list items for sale on an auction house accessible with the /ah command. The plugin is new code and only shares a similar look and feel as the inactive plugin resource AuctionHouse.



    • List items in the auction house
    • View items matching a search filter based on name, type, lore, enchants, or seller
    • Sort by newest first or chronologically
    • Show items you are selling
    • Cancel items
    • Collect cancelled/expired items
    • Drop unclaimed items at player's feet
    • Automatically clean up abandoned items
    • Show and clear recently sold items
    • Hover over item to show time remaining and enchants
    • Charge a flat and/or percentage based fee for listing an item (with confirmation menu)
    • Tax sellers a percentage of revenue for each sale
    • Blacklist items by name, type, lore and enchants
    • Wildcard blacklisting of all items/blocks by omitting the item type and specifying lore, or enchants (can ban selling soulbound and cursed items)
    • Optional Back/Exit button calls a command to return to another menu
    • Click on a special sign to open the auction house
    • Click on certain named block entities to open the auction house (chests, shulker boxes, dispensers, droppers, hoppers, furnaces, enchanting tables, brewing stands)
    • Internationalization Support
    • Customize messages, button materials and sounds
    • Support for HeadDatabase heads as buttons.
    • Support for custom skull textures as buttons.
    • Supports player head for the player listings button.
    • Supports Minecraft 1.13.2+

    /ah reload - reloads the auctionhouse configuration
    /ah - open the auction house
    /ah menu - open the auction house (menu mode)
    /ah search <filter>
    - view items matching search filter

    /ah help - show help for all the commands
    /ah sell <price> - sell the item you are holding in hand
    /ah selling
    - view the items you are selling
    /ah sold - view the items you have sold recently
    /ah expired - view your expired items to return
    /ah cancel
    - cancel all your auctions
    /ah return - return all your cancelled/expired items
    auctionhouse.reload - enables reloading the plugin
    auctionhouse.use - enables the /ah command - enables /ah menu command - enables /ah search command - enables /ah help command
    auctionhouse.sell - enables /ah sell command
    auctionhouse.selling - enables /ah selling command
    auctionhouse.sold - enables /ah sold command
    auctionhouse.expired - enables /ah expired command
    auctionhouse.cancel - enables /ah cancel command
    auctionhouse.return - enables /ah return command
    auctionhouse.cancel.others - enables cancelling other's auctions
    auctionhouse.auctions.# - sets maximum listings*

    *Note: the preferred method for setting maximum listings is to use player meta if your permissions plugin supports it.
    Meta will superceded permission settings if set for a user or a user's group. Also, permissions will supercede the defaultMaxListings value set in the config.
    auctions - sets the number of auctions a player can list

    To use meta, you need to have a compatible permissions plugin that supports setting and removal of meta such as PermissionsEx or LuckPerms.

    For PermissionsEx use:
    /pex user <user> set auctions <value>
    /pex group <group> set auctions <value>
    For LuckPerms use:
    /lp user <user> meta set auctions <value>
    /lp group <group> meta set auctions <value>

    For GroupManager use:
    /manuaddv <user> auctions <value>
    /mangaddv <group> auctions <value>

    Code (Text):

    # AuctionHouse config.yml
    locale: en_us
    decimal: 2
    chatHook: true

      listingPrice: 0.0
      listingRate: 0.0
      # listingDuration is how long an item can be listed
      listingDuration: 7d0h0m
      # expiredDuratin is how long an item shows as expired
      expiredDuration: 14d0h0m
      # unclaimedDuration is how long an item will be kept
      # it will try to return unclaimed items automatically
      unclaimedDuration: 90d0h0m
      # cleanupDuration is how often items will be destroyed
      # once they are past the unclaimedDuration
      cleanupDuration: 0d24h0m
      # soldDuration is how long sold items will be kept
      soldDuration: 365d0h0m[/B]
      preventCreative: true
      preventSpectator: true
      maxSellPrice: 100000.00
      salesTax: 0.0
      allowDamagedItems: false
      defaultMaxListings: 45
      chronological: true

        item: minecraft:bedrock
        item: minecraft:barrier
        item: minecraft:command_block
        item: minecraft:structure_block
        # color codes need to be specified with \u00a7
        # instead of the & character
        name: \u00a7cVorpal Sword
        item: minecraft:diamond_sword
        - Special Item
        - Does not list in AuctionHouse
        - ench: minecraft:sharpness
          level: 10
        - ench: minecraft:unbreaking
          level: 3
        - ench: minecraft:looting
          level: 3
        - ench: minecraft:fire_aspect
          level: 2
        - \u00a78 Item is soul bound
      click: ''
      fail: ''
      drop: 'entity.player.burp'

      exit: minecraft:iron_door
      back: 'minecraft:iron_door'
      previous: 'minecraft:paper'
      sort_listings: 'minecraft:sunflower'
      next: 'minecraft:paper'
      info: 'minecraft:book'
      howto: 'minecraft:emerald'
      return_all: 'minecraft:flower_pot'
      player_listings: 'auctionhouse:player_head'
      expired_listings: 'minecraft:poisonous_potato'
      sold_items: 'minecraft:gold_ingot'
      clear: 'minecraft:barrier'
      confirm: 'minecraft:lime_stained_glass_pane'
      cancel: 'minecraft:red_stained_glass_pane'

      sign: '[AuctionHouse]'
      name: '[AuctionHouse]'

      exit: msg %player% Exiting AuctionHouse

    configVersion: 4

    Known Issues:

    • There is no support for drag-and-drop of items.
    • There is no database support
    • Users should supply localized translation files
    • Per user maximum listings are not supported by all permissions plugins, and may require additional configuration
    An appropriate Economy Plugin
    An appropriate Permissions Plugin

    Terms of Service:

    The plugin is provided AS-IS.

    This plugin currently supports version 1.13.2+. Features may break if used with other versions of Minecraft than intended.

    It takes a lot of tasty coffee to keep cranking out quality code.
    Please donate if you like my plugins...

Recent Reviews

  1. CutePanda
    Version: 1.5.2
    Хорошо, тогда сделайте порт плагина под версию 1.12 только 1.12. Буду очень вам благодарен
    1. klugemonkey
  2. CutePanda
    Version: 1.5.1
    Когда будет поддержка 1.12? Вам вообще дорога репутация плагина? Я понимаю это сложно все сделать, но мне очень нужно
    1. klugemonkey
      Author's Response
      Yes, reputation is important, but shouldn't expect a native 1.13.2 plugin to have earlier version support. The plugin was designed around 1.13.2 API, meaning it uses all the item naming from 1.13.2. I'm not ruling out that there will be no 1.12.x version, but would like to have 1.13.2 very stable, then I can consider a separate port of the plugin using the legacy API.
  3. CutePanda
    Version: 1.5.0
    Плагин очень хороший, как только будет поддержка 1.12 версии, тогда поставлю 5 звезд:)
    1. klugemonkey
      Author's Response
      :\ when your 1.13.2 specific plugin is so good, that they ask you to support old versions of Spigot...
  4. ToxicSpin
    Version: 1.4.9
    The plugin is not really stable, but works fine and it's the best on spigot as far as I know. Just one complain, instead of making the items in the blacklist have that strange and useless format "item: minecraft:bedrock", can you please switch to simply the material id? For example " '0': BEDROCK ", and in my opinion the blacklist should be put in a separate file.
    1. klugemonkey
      Author's Response
      What? No cheese on my free tacos?
      (kind of hard to be stable if you keep adding features)
      Buttons and Blacklist items can already match the upper case format. With blacklist wildcards, you don't need to specify as many.
  5. howtoNhut
    Version: 1.4.9
    Will the plugin support more versions 1.8 and 1.10?
    ................... 80 .....................
    1. klugemonkey
      Author's Response
      and don't forget about 1.7.10! I mean can't leave out those guys playing 5 year old versions of CraftBukkit! (sarc)
  6. eralysium
    Version: 1.4.7
    the best auction house plugin, simple, clear effective.
    thank you to the developer !
  7. TiroZit
    Version: 1.4.7
    The best plugin among all plug-insurances is also a very sociable and friendly developer of this plug-in.
  8. Kino
    Version: 1.4.4
    Really nice plugin, can you make a command less version?, so that an "OP / Admin" can put a block as an Auction House where the players interact.

    Btw, I am working in a spanish translation.
    1. klugemonkey
      Author's Response
      OK, so have it so some blocks can be setup as auction houses. But players still need to use /ah sell <price> to make a listing.
  9. Zardiz
    Version: 1.4.2
    Cool Auction House plugin.

    Need danish translations? I would be happy to help you with that!
    1. klugemonkey
      Author's Response
      Thanks, feel free to post links to translations in the discussion forums for others to use.
  10. ProjectSky
    Version: 1.4.2
    1. klugemonkey
      Author's Response
      OK, localization is fixed for the localized item names and the chat item names.
      This plugin checks for inventory click events only on menus it has created. So if another plugin is sorting the menus we create, that plugin is not respecting others.