AuctionHouse 2.0.4

An AuctionHouse plugin with a familiar interface.

  1. Critical Bug Fix! [Please Update]

    This fixes a critical bug in the recent releases of AuctionHouse that can cause lore information to be lost when an item is sold or returned.

    It is recommended that you install this version if you have installed version 2.0.1 or later.
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  2. Compatibility Update

    Adds support for SilkTouchSpawners to show the proper mob type.
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  3. Bug Fix

    This release changes the behavior of how the plugin determines the spawner type to put into the lore when displayed in the AuctionHouse. It fixes an issue where some spawners that were not detected. It will now no longer display any mob details if an invalid NBT tag is used for compatibility purposes.
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  4. Usability Improvements

    This release adds several usability improvements that have been planned and contributed by users.

    CAUTION: This is a big update and there are many changes to the locale files, so don't rush into the upgrade until you read everything carefully that's changed.

    Item Drop Behavior

    Items that expire go into the expired items menu, however that too has an expiration and after a duration of time, those items become abandoned. The behavior for abandoned items was if the player was logged in, it...
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  5. Bug Fixes

    This release fixes an issue where expired items have gone unclaimed would be always dropped at the players feet rather that trying to place in their inventory.

    It now behaves similarly to if a player manually returns an expired item. The ActionItem for ITEM_DROPPED was removed and this will now trigger the ITEM_RETURNED action instead.

    The locale file was updated for the message
    warning.unclaimed_listings.notice which is used when items are returned to the online player after being...
  6. SQLite Support / Performance Update


    This release changes how AuctionHouse listings are stored from a flat data file to an SQLite database file to improve overall performance.

    This release will import your listings from the existing .dat file, and rename the file to .old as a safety measure, and then store the imported listings in the auctions.db SQLite file.

    If you plan to run on a test server prior, please copy the usercache.json file, and the world's level.dat and playerdata folders in order for the...
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  7. Bug Fix (Critical)

    Roll back due to issue with data loss.
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  8. Performance Update

    This release improves performance and reduces lag.
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  9. Performance Update

    This release improves performance.
  10. Bug Fix for Permissions

    This release fixes a bug in the permissions where only the first effective permission was being considered. Now it properly checks all effective permissions for the highest value. Effective permissions are what permissions the user has including for the player and their groups.
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