AuctionHouse 1.8.15

An AuctionHouse plugin with a familiar interface.

  1. Bug Fix

    This release fixes an issue where the default value of updateTicks: 20 was not added to the config.yml. It now allows the range to be 1 - 100 (1/20th second to 5 seconds).

    This is how often the menus will be called to update the inventory stuff like the elapsed time.

    It should default to 20, or once every second. A value of 1 will make it quicker but only adds lag.
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  2. Additional config settings

    This release adds two additional settings to config.yml.

    unclaimedCheckDuration: 0d0h1m
    unclaimedCheckOnWorldChange: true

    The first determines how often the plugin checks all users for any unclaimed listings that might need to be returned. These are listings that are past expired.

    The second determines if using the multiworld support, whether to run this check whenever a player changes their world.

    The default for the first is 1 minute. This might cause some issues with performance for...
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  3. Bug Fix

    This release fixes an issue where strict mode was not checking for shift-click and players could move items into the menu.
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  4. Bug Fixes/Code Cleanup

    Fixed some potential null pointer problems, removed unnecessary null pointer checks, removed unused imports, and general code cleanup.
  5. Additional Compatibility Flags

    Adds auctions.replacePlayerNames and auctions.dropAtFeet boolean flags into the config.yml.

    auctions.replacePlayerNames: true will replace any player name of the seller with that of the buyer in the NBT of the item upon transfer similarly to the auctions.replaceUUIDs: true setting that replaces and UUID strings.

    auctions.dropAtFeet: true will force items that are given to a player to be always dropped at their feet rather than directly put into their inventory. This fixes some...
  6. Fixed Vault Issue

    Fixed an issue where the Vault Economy or Chat (Meta) plugins might load after AuctionHouse and not be detected, resulting in the plugin being disabled.
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  7. Internal Improvement

    This release changes how seller and buyer is stored internally in the listings when the plugin is running. It now will store buyer and seller as UUID objects rather than OfflinePlayer objects that may become stale while the server is running. There should be no noticeable difference in functionality with this change.

    This issue may fix issues where a stale OfflinePlayer object stored could result in a null username with certain economy plugins.
  8. Discord Message Formatting

    This release updates the localization file (en_us.json) to revision 19 that adds separate messages for the discord announcements:

    "discord.sell.player.listed_item": "**{0} listed {1}x {2} for ${3} on the auction house!**",
    "discord.sell.player.item_sold": "**{0} sold {1}x &f{2} to {3} for ${4} on the auction house!**",
    "discord.prefix": ":shopping_cart: ",

    These discord messages do not allow for the color formatting codes, and should use the markdown notation to display the information in...
  9. Discord In-Game Channel Selection

    Added the auctions.discord_channel setting in the config.yml. It is set to 'auctionhouse' by default and this should be the in-game channel that you set in the Channels: setting of DiscordSRV's config.yml.

    For example, to have AuctionHouse notifications send to Discord, your DiscordSRV's config.yml might have a Channels entry like:

    Channels: {"global": "012345678901234567", "auctionhouse": "012345678901234567"}

    where the number is the channel ID given in Discord when you right-click on a...
  10. Critical Fix

    Critical fix for all the crap I just broke with 1.8.5.

    Fixes NPE in previous 1.8.5 release in the NBT UUID replacement and in the DiscordSRV integration when there's no plugin.
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