Auctions v2.5.0

An elegant auctioning solution that allows text tooltips for auctioned items

  1. Auctions v2.5.0

    Changes in this update:
    • Updates fanciful to version 0.3.5-SNAPSHOT
      • Fixes compatibility issues with Minecraft 1.10
  2. Auctions v2.4.2

    WARNING: This update will only work on Spigot 1.9

    Changes in this update:
  3. Auctions v2.4.1

    Changes in this update:
    • Fixes returned items having amount set to 0 or negative (thanks @BlueSoapTurtle)
    • Fixes items in the offhand slot counting towards item total
  4. Auctions v2.4.0

    Changes in this update:
    • Update plugin metrics to support CraftBukkit/Spigot 1.9
    • Implement ACTION_BAR message handler for CraftBukkit/Spigot 1.9
  5. Auctions v2.3.0

    Changes in this update:
    • Added configurable option 'general.offlineRewardTickDelay' to delay giving offline rewards by a certain time
    • Added configurable option 'chatSettings.stripColorsForConsole' to strip messages sent to the console
  6. Auctions v2.2.1

    Changes in this update:
    • Don't allow auto-win amounts less than the start price
    • Double check that auction anti-snipe is enabled in already loaded anti snipe modules
    • Remove stack trace output on failed FancyMessage creation
  7. Auctions v2.2.0

    Changes in this update:
    • Time formatting now displays "0 seconds" vs. "now"
    • Adds config.yml option "auctionSettings.mustCancelAfter"
      • When this option is defined to something other than -1, players without the 'auctions.bypass.cancel.timer' permission will not be able to cancel an auction until the auction time is lower in comparison to the defined time
    • Adds config.yml section "auctionSettings.commandsAfterAuction" that allows server owners to define any...
  8. Auctions v2.1.2

    Changes in this update:
    • Fix the usage of RESET color in config messages
    • Add a configurable option 'general.stripItemDisplayNameColor' to strip all colors from an items name in messages
    • Add action bar message support for Spigot versions above 1.8.3
    • Adds /auction start all syntax to allow players to automatically auction the max amount of the item they're holding
    • Removes the configuration option 'general.useItemDisplayName'
      • The plugin now adds the...
  9. Auctions v2.1.1

    This update adds/fixes the following:
    • Adds a configurable option to use an items display name in formatted messages
    • Adds a configurable option to limit auction auto-win amounts
    • Adds bypass permission 'auctions.bypass.start.maxautowin' that allows players to bypass the auto-win limit
    • Fixes book items being able to crash player clients if the text inside the book was too long
    • Fixes config.yml option 'auctionSettings.antiSnipe.enable' not functioning as intended
    • Fixes...
  10. Auctions v2.1.0

    This update adds/fixes the following:
    • Adds a configurable option to prevent players being able to set bid increments higher then their starting price
    • Adds the /auction spam command
      • This allows players to ignore only the messages that have been marked as "spammy"
      • The current messages marked as "spammy" are: bid broadcasts, timer broadcasts
    • Adds a new message that is sent to players when they successfully place a bid on a standard auction
    • The plugin will...
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