AudioConnect 1.4.0

Powerful audio engine to integrate dynamic server audio through a hosted web client

  1. Improve "/ac send" command with support for use with command blocks

    Previously, the "/ac send" command could only be used to send an audio message to a specific player or all players (who are connected), but this was not very useful since it didn't support dynamic selection of target players such as for use with command blocks.
    Support for command blocks has been long requested, so I finally got around to adding a few basic sub commands to "/ac send" that enables dynamic player selection as the targets for the audio command. Additionally, you can now...
  2. Improved region audio management, persistent web client settings, and bug fixes

    • Implemented the "/ac region" command to easily manage the audio region settings of a WorldGuard region
    • Implemented persistence of volume settings in web client
    • Fixed /mute and /unmute commands
    • Improved server version compatibility (1.8+ Spigot/Craftbukkit)
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  3. Improve compatibility of verify command for servers with ProtocolLib

    • Use ProtocolLib (if installed) for Verify command to prevent other plugins from overwriting the verify code.
      • Plugins like ServerListPlus modify the server status packet directly and overwrite any changes made during the ServerListPingEvent in bukkit which was preventing the verify command from working on some servers.
    • Add Spanish locale option
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  4. Easy conversion to AudioConnect from MCJukebox with audio region and file importing

    • Add Import command to import audio regions and files from the current MCJukebox plugin installation. This allows for easy conversion from MCJukebox (if installed).
    • Automatic update of audio references in WorldGuard regions when audio is deleted or renamed from the webapp
    • Improve efficiency of Verify command
    • Improve usability with the webapp
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  5. Improved List command and localization

    • Improved List command by using the Spigot chat API for clickable list items and page buttons (if running on Spigot)
    • Added "/ac list regions" command to list all audio enabled regions and their settings.
    • Added configurable localization with German and French translations.
    • Fixed a minor non-breaking bug when using the server "/reload" command.
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  6. Minor bug fixes

    • Fixes /music alias for /ac connect
    • Fixes 1.7 and 1.8 compatibility of player messages
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  7. Minor text improvements and bug fixes

    • Improves verify error messages to be more informative
    • Updates ServerListPingEvent priority to HIGHEST to prevent verify code from being overwritten
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  8. Fixed dependency issue and added compatibility for older WorldGuard versions

    The plugin.yml had previously defined the DeadmanPlugin as a dependency which was preventing the plugin from loading. The dependency declaration was removed since it is included in the jar.
    WorldGuard versions before 6.2 were not previously supported which also prevented this plugin from being used on Bukkit 1.8 and lower. This update now adds compatibility for legacy WorldGuard versions below 6.2 and in result is now compatible with older Bukkit versions.
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