AuditTrail-Web 1.14

Web application to view AuditTrail plugin logs

  1. Tbakonyi
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11


    AuditTrail-Web is an add-on to use with AuditTrail. It is a web application which can be used to view AuditTrail logs, server, plugin and player information using a web browser. It has been optimized to handle large data sets and load pages fast!

    NOTE: AuditTrail-Web will only display events logged to mySQL and will not show data logged to server, event or player log files. Please be sure to use the correct compatible version of AuditTrail.

    For update details, please refer to the change log below.

    List of features:

    * Supports Minecraft 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11
    * HTTP and HTTPS support
    * Multi-server support
    * Ability to view AuditTrail logs using a polished professional looking user interface
    * AuditTrail-Web designed to be responsive to work on desktop, tablet or cellphone web browsers
    * Log information presented in a datagrid
    * Ability to toggle data grid columns
    * Ability to sort columns by ascending / descending order
    * Ability to search for content within the datagrid
    * User account required to login and use AuditTrail-Web
    * Ability to create / delete additional user accounts
    * Ability to control which logs can be viewed by users using permissions
    * Ability to user change password
    * Ability to view logs related to specific players
    * Ability to view player information (updated on login and logout)
    * Ability to view player inventories and skin. Item information will include name, quantity, durability, lore and enchantments.
    * Ability to view server information (name, version, implementation of server jar)
    * Ability to view plugin information used on servers (name, version, file name, current status (enabled or disabled), file checksum, authors, other plugin dependencies / soft dependencies)
    * Shows plugin status across all servers (if enabled on ALL servers, if disabled on ALL servers, if disabled on 1 or more servers)

    List of advantages:

    * Small lightweight web application using NodeJS and Express
    * Professional looking
    * Responsive web interface on different form factors
    * Easy to use
    * Handles very large data sets with fast performance

    Event Logs Page


    Sample Event Log Page


    Sample Player Information Page (version 1.9+)


    Sample Inventory Item Information


    Plugin Status Page


    Plugin Information Page


    Server Plugin Status Page


    Server Players Page


    How to install / configure:

    1. Download and install NodeJS onto a PC running Windows, Mac or Linux. IMPORTANT: Ensure you are using the most up to date version of NodeJS (version 5.x or later). This will be the web server which will be running the AuditTrail-Web application.

    2. Unzip AuditTrail-Web. NOTE: If upgrading from a previous version, remove all files. Be sure to configure the settings.js file.

    IMPORTANT: By default HTTP is enabled. If you want to use HTTPS do the following:
    1. In the settings,js file, ensure to set useHTTPS to true.
    2. In the settings.js file, set the sslCertificate
    3. In the settings.js file, set the sslPrivatekey
    4. You must have the appropriate certificate files installed into the \AuditTrail-Web\certs folder (i.e. the certificate file .PEM and the private key file .PEM)

    3. Edit settings.js located in the \AuditTrail-Web\config folder. It must contain all the relevant information to your AuditTrail database.

    4. Before using AuditTrail-Web, a default administrator account must be created in your AuditTrail database. When you run AuditTrail and the plugin is enabled for the first time, a default admin user account will be automatically created with full permissions.

    5. To run the web application, navigate to the \AuditTrail-Web folder and run:

    node app.js

    The default user account credentials can be found in the readme.txt file located in the \AuditTrail-Web folder

    6. Launch your web browser and enter the URL where AuditTrail-Web is running. Example:


    NOTE: Only the admin user has the ability to create new users!!

    Version 1.14
    New Features
    - now fully supports Minecraft 1.11.2
    - supports AuditTrail 5.1 ONLY
    - updated node dependencies

    Version 1.13

    New Features
    - now fully supports Minecraft 1.11
    - supports AuditTrail 5.0 ONLY
    - added HTTPS support

    Version 1.12

    New Features
    - added total player count to players page
    - added compression for all pages to improve loading
    - corrected "Failed to lookup view" error experienced
    on some systems
    - supports AuditTrail 4.2x

    Version 1.11

    New Features
    - implemented bower for web application dependencies to
    improve page loading performance
    - switched data retrieval from mySQL to server-side processing
    to increase performance and handle very large data sets
    - added progress indicators on data loading to all pages
    - added FIRST and LAST navigation buttons on event log
    data grids
    - updated all node dependencies to latest versions
    - moved Plugin Information from servers page to home page and
    renamed it to Plugins
    - plugin information page shows all installed plugins on server
    network color coded to green (if enabled on all servers), orange
    (if disabled on 1 or more servers) or red (if disabled on all servers)
    - added plugin information (latest version, last update, tested
    versions, resource link and download link) from SPIGET/BUKGET
    for plugins (if available) to the plugin display page
    - added total time played by a player on a server to the player
    information page
    - supports AuditTrail 4.1 ONLY

    - added server version back to the server list page
    - fixed minor HTML errors on various pages
    - corrected application to properly support node version 6.x
    - removed deprecated methods for datagrid column show/hide

    Version 1.10

    - now fully supports Minecraft 1.10
    - added ability to set view permissions for each user. ADMIN user
    account will have all views (this cannot be changed)
    - added "Plugin Information" to the server list page to view the
    CURRENT status of a plugin across all servers
    - added "Plugin Status" to the server page to view the CURRENT status
    of all loaded plugins on the server
    - added "Plugin History" to the event log page to view plugin enable /
    disable events
    - added "Server History" to the event log page to view server
    information (time, name, version and implementation)
    - added "Smelt" to the event log page
    - supports AuditTrail version 4.01 ONLY

    Version 1.8
    - added "Dispenser" to the event log page
    - added "Leash" to the event log page
    - added "Unleash" to the event log page
    - supports AuditTrail version 3.5 ONLY

    Version 1.7
    New Features
    - added IP Address field to all player related event log pages
    - added "CustomAPI Player" and "CustomAPI World" logs to the event log page
    - supports AuditTrail version 3.4 ONLY

    - corrected route to console event log page

    Version 1.6

    New Features
    - added multi-server support
    - supports AuditTrail version 3.3 ONLY

    Version 1.5
    New Features
    - added "Armor Stand" logs to the event log page
    - added "Vehicle" logs to the event log page
    - supports AuditTrail version 3.2 ONLY

    Version 1.4
    New Features
    - now fully supports Minecraft 1.9 (shield slot, items, etc)
    - added "Container" logs to the event log page
    - supports AuditTrail version 3.1 ONLY

    - empty armor slots now show correct graphic
    - improved many inventory item icons

    Version 1.3
    New Features
    - added "Book" logs to the event log page
    - supports AuditTrail version 2.5 and 2.51 ONLY

    - made data grids more responsive. A horizontal scroll bar will appear
    if all the columns can not fit the viewport
    - styled "Toggle Grid Column" dropdown on all event log pages
    - corrected toggle grid column for entityDamage event log page
    - corrected refresh button for Fish event log page
    - corrected refresh button for Player event log page
    - moved Event Data column into correct place for Player event log page
    - corrected refresh button for Player Interact event log page

    Version 1.2
    New Features
    - added ability to view player inventory on the player page. When the
    mouse is hovered over an inventory item, it will display complete
    information regarding that item (name, durability, quantity, lore and
    enchantments). This information is saved when a player logs in or out.
    - added button on player page to toggle log view
    - made player page more responsive
    - added "Fish" logs to the eventlog page
    - added "Player Interact" logs to the eventlog page
    - supports AuditTrail version 2.4 ONLY

    Version 1.1

    New Features
    - added "Player" logs to the eventlog page. Can view all player related
    events in a single data grid
    - added "Players" to home page. The Players page will show a list of all
    players who have logged in / out along with their current skin
    - added player information page to Players to display specific information
    regarding a player including: First Joined, Last Logged In, isOP?, Game
    Mode, World, Location, Level and Experience. All the events related to
    that player will be listed in a data grid. NOTE: Player logs will only
    be available if enabled in AuditTrail
    - supports AuditTrail version 2.3 ONLY

    Version 1.0
    New Features
    - Initial version supporting AuditTrail 2.2 or higher

    Support / Questions:

    If you have a problem with AuditTrail-Web or have a question, DO NOT use the review section. Please send a PM and I will respond back shortly.

    New Features:

    I am looking for any feedback to improve or enhance AuditTrail-Web. Feature requests can be made within the discussion section.


    AuditTrail-Web has been fully tested with Chrome. Up to date versions of Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer should also work.


    As this is a free resource for the benefit of the entire Minecraft community, any donations are very much appreciated and help to continue development and maintenance of the plugin.


    Terms of service:

    * You agree to make an effort to get help (by PM'ing me) if you are having problems, before leaving a review.
    * You will not ask for features in the review
    * You are not allowed to claim the source/binary code of the plugin as your own
    * You are not allowed to resell this resource
    * The terms of service may change at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Zedwick
    Version: 1.10
    AuditTrail is an excellent logging plugin with fantastic support from an enthusiastic developer. AuditTrail-Web gives a great overview to all servers across my network.

    This most recent version added an overview of server and plugin versions across all servers, making it very easy to ensure everything is kept up to date. Especially useful is the ability to track plugins being enabled/disabled; easily spot incompatible plugins which have been disabled on any server.

    I'm more than happy with AuditTrail and AuditTrail-Web, and am excited for the future as development continues. Using AuditTrail-Web is already making my life easier as I update and test plugins with Spigot 1.10.
    1. Tbakonyi
      Author's Response
      Thanks again for the review.
  2. loslobos1234
    Version: 1.5
    Awesome plugin, but i think it would be a good idea to add multi server support for people managing networks that want to use this
    1. Tbakonyi
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. I'll be adding this soon.
  3. BKJCraft
    Version: 1.3
    Maybe you can make how to install or use your web app . its hard to follow .
    By the way your plugin is very Good!
    1. Tbakonyi
      Author's Response
      I have expanded the information on how to install and configure. Hopefully this makes it more clear.
  4. flemdogga
    Version: 1.2
    Is perfect! Thanks! ................................................................................