AugmentedBlocks - Skripted movable falling blocks with collisions 1.0

Blocks that resemble and feel just like the real deal- except they can move.

  1. Death_Source
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Skillsbo for lots of help
    Blocks are cool, true. But sad thing is that they can't move. What a shame! Well, thanks to this script you can spawn your own fake blocks that you can proceed to move around and create the true cursed minecraft server. (or, you know, creative art and designs i guess)


    AugmentedBlocks features:
    - Commands to manage nearby AGBlocks (augmented block)
    - Example cone building command
    The following features require you to do /AGBlocks buildmode true
    - Right-click a AGBlock to move it downwards
    - Shift right-click a AGBlock to move it upwards
    - Left-click a AGBlock to move it in the direction you're pointing
    - Shift left-click a AGBlock to move it in the opposite direction you're pointing
    - Place down any block to place down an AGBlock



    ADVICE and INFO:
    Do not use blocks that aren't actually blocks when spawning them. They will just turn out as sand.
    Walking on or on the borders of a AGBlock that has been moved may cause glitches- seems like after a while it stops glitching, not fully sure how it all works.

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