AuraCommands 1.0.8-dev

Create items that run commands and commands that run other commands as well!

  1. 1.17 Update!

    The 1.17 update is finally here!
    This build also fixes a couple bugs or missing pieces in the code.
    You MUST update AuraAPI to 1.0.5 to use this version, but make sure to READ the front page!
  2. Hot Fix

    Whoops! Uploaded the wrong jar file :p
  3. Feature Update

    This is a dev build with some changes and fixes.
    One new feature is an update checker.

    This plugin now requires AuraAPI.
  4. Bug Fix

    Fixed a bug with the items list command when using a page higher than 1.
  5. Feature Update and Bug Fix

    - Fixed no proper permission being required for /cmds item list

    - Made it possible to run player commands as OP. just ad "OP;" to the front of the command.
  6. Feature Updates and Bug Fix

    - glow: was not working.

    - COMPLETELY remade the custom commands! Any old ones will NOT work, so make a backup delete the commands folder and restart your server.
    - Changed a bunch of methods to make everything link to one area to reduce code size.
    - Added "/cmds item list" Command.
  7. Hot Fix

    Fixed possible issues with running cmds from the player(Such as using DeluxeMenus, it wont open the menu by it's cmd) by changing the method used.
  8. Hot Fix

    Fixed a slight "bug" where items like an empty map will convert to a map, now they will not.
  9. Possible Bug Fixes and Feature Updates

    Fix: Fixed the help message.

    - Created "cosmetic items", this allows you to create items with lots of extra control and can be given on join.