Aurelium Skills | Advanced Skills, Stats, Abilities, and more Beta 1.2.6

Enhance your survival multiplayer experience

  1. Archyx
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Chinese (Traditional), Turkish, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (Simplified), German, Lithuanian, Russian, Italian
    Aurelium Skills is a feature-packed skills plugin that enhances the vanilla survival experience. Players level up skills to earn stat buffs, unlock and level up abilities, and more. The plugin is very configurable and customizable, allowing you to tailor the experience to fit your server. There are many powerful and unique features that not many other plugins have, and more features and updates are being actively developed.

    There are 15 skills, each of which has a unique combination of two stats that it rewards. Level up skills by gaining XP by doing certain actions depending on the skill. All skills are easily viewable in GUI inventory menus, accessible using /skills.

    • Farming - Harvest crops to earn Farming XP
    • Foraging - Cut trees to earn Foraging XP
    • Mining - Mine stone and ores to earn Mining XP
    • Fishing - Catch fish to earn Fishing XP
    • Excavation - Dig with a shovel to earn Excavation XP
    • Archery - Shoot mobs and players with a bow to earn Archery XP
    • Defense - Take damage from entities to earn Defense XP
    • Fighting - Fight mobs with melee weapons to earn Fighting XP
    • Endurance - Walk and run to earn Endurance XP
    • Agility - Jump and take fall damage to earn Agility XP
    • Alchemy - Brew potions to earn Alchemy XP
    • Enchanting - Enchant items and books to earn Enchanting XP
    • Sorcery - Use mana abilities to earn Sorcery XP
    • Healing - Drink and splash potions to earn Healing XP
    • Forging - Combine and apply books in an anvil to earn Forging XP

    Everything below can be changed, this is just the default.

    The Skills Menu (/skills):

    An item in the skills menu:

    The Level Progression Menu, which is accessible by clicking any skill item in the main skills menu:

    An item in the Level Progression Menu, showing rewards and abilities leveled:

    There are 6 stats that buff the player:
    • Strength Increases attack damage
    • Health Increases max health
    • Regeneration Increases health and mana regen speed
    • Luck Increases luck attribute and double drop chance for common blocks
    • Wisdom Increases experience gain, max mana, and decreases anvil costs
    • Toughness Reduces incoming damage
    These stats are leveled up simply by leveling up skills. You can buff/nerf stats and configure which skills level up which stats.

    Stats are easily viewable through the Stats Menu by doing /stats
    Keep in mind that everything below can be changed, this is just the default.








    Abilities are perks and buffs that you unlock and level up as you level up skills. Each skill has up to 5 abilities, giving many different perks. Abilities are passive, meaning they do not require any extra player input to activate or use.

    Here are some abilities and their descriptions to give a general idea of what abilities do, there are 70 in total!
    • Bountiful Harvest (Farming) - Chance to get double drops from crops
    • Shredder (Foraging) - Chance to deal triple durability damage with axes
    • Pick Master (Mining) - Deal more damage with pickaxes
    • Treasure Hunter (Fishing) - Chance to get rare loot from fishing (customizable loot tables)
    • Piercing (Archery) - Chance for arrows to pierce through mobs
    • No Debuff (Defense) - Chance to negative a harmful potion effect from being applied
    • Bleed (Fighting) - Chance to make the enemy bleed, dealing damage every few seconds
    • Meal Steal (Endurance) - Chance to steal 1 hunger point when attacking a player
    • Thunder Fall (Agility) - When sneaking during a fall, you have a chance to deal a percentage of the fall damage expected to mobs in a 3 block radius
    • Alchemist (Alchemy) - Potions you brew have a longer duration
    • Life Steal (Healing) - Heal a percentage of the max HP of hostile mobs and players you kill

    The chance/damage/power an ability has called the value is fully customizable. You can change the base value, the value increase per level of ability, and which skill levels an ability unlocks or levels up at. By default, individual abilities level up every 5 skill levels, but every skill level unlocks or level-ups some ability. Learn how to configure abilities here.

    Mana Abilities
    Mana Abilities are a special type of ability that costs mana to use and are active, meaning they require the player to activate or use. By default, mana abilities are unlocked at level 7 of that skill and increase in level every 7 levels. Level increases can change duration/power, cooldown, and mana cost, which are all configurable. Learn more here.

    Not every skill has a mana ability yet, but here are the skills that do:
    • Replenish (Farming) - Replants crops automatically for a certain duration. Right-click with a hoe and break a crop to activate. Works with wheat, carrots, potatoes, nether wart, and beetroot.
    • Treecapitator (Foraging) - Breaks entire trees instantly for a certain duration. Right-click with an axe and break a log to activate. Works best with oak, birch, and spruce trees (One block wide). The algorithm is not final and will be improved later on to work perfectly with all tree types.
    • Speed Mine (Mining) - Gives Haste 10 for a certain duration. Right-click with a pickaxe and break stone or an ore to activate.
    • Sharp Hook (Fishing) - Deal damage to a hooked entity when left-clicking with a fishing rod'
    • Terraform (Excavation) - Break blocks instantly in a 4 block radius in the same layer when digging. You must use a shovel and extra blocks broken must be the same type and in a single connected vein. Right click shovel and dig block to activate.
    • Charged Shot (Archery) - Arrows you shoot will deal more damage based on how far the bow was pulled back, consuming mana in the process. Does more damage per mana consumed. Left click a bow to toggle charged shot mode.
    • Absorption (Defense) - Incoming damage will decrease mana by 2x Minecraft damage instead of your health. Mana will not regenerate while Absorption is active. Left click shield and take damage to activate.
    • Lightning Blade (Fighting) - Increases attack speed by _% for _ seconds. Right click sword and attack mob to activate.

    Other Features
    • Add stat buffs to items and armor through a modifier system
    • Add skill requirements to items and armor
    • Customize loot tables for Fishing and Excavation
    • Add any material as XP sources
    • Action Bar and Boss Bar
    • Developer API (scroll down on GitHub readme)
    • MySQL support
    • Backups
    • Skill leaderboards, including power and average
    Configurability is a huge part of this plugin. What exactly is configurable and customizable?
    • Custom rewards, including executing commands, granting permissions, changing stats, giving items, and more. Learn more here.
    • XP source values (How much XP each different block/action gives)
    • GUI items, layout, names, lore format, fill item, and size
    • All messages, including commands, menus, action bar, boss bar, abilities names and descriptions, skill names and descriptions, stat names and descriptions, level up messages, and all colors in all messages (All of this can be different for each language)
    • How powerful each stat is (Ex: Conversion between Strength level to attack damage, Health level to HP, etc.)
    • How powerful each ability is (Base value and value per level)
    • Enable/disable any skill or ability
    • XP requirement equation (How much XP is needed to level up)
    • Default language and languages list
    • Items in loot tables (Supports enchantments and commands)
    • Specialized options for each skill and stat
    • Max levels for each skill, with no level cap
    All of the above and more make it easy to balance the plugin for your server and tailor the look and feel of the plugin to fit your server theme. Almost all of the configuration options do not require a restart and take effect immediately using /skills reload

    Supported Plugins
    • PlaceholderAPI - View the list of placeholders, no e-cloud download needed
    • Vault - Money level up rewards
    • WorldGuard (1.13+) - Disable XP gain in certain regions, use the aureliumskills-xp-gain flag
    • Holographic Displays - Damage indicators with critical hit colors
    • LuckPerms - Permission rewards
    • Magic - Compatible mana, skills, and stats
    • Reforges
    • AureliumMobs
    Aurelium Skills does not support or is not compatible with the following server software:
    • CraftBukkit - Action bar will not work
    • Modded hybrid servers (Mohist, Magma, CatServer) - Modded environments do not work well with Bukkit plugins in general
    • Minehut - Minehut servers have an error that makes commands not work. This is a Minehut issue that I can't fix.
    View the full list of incompatibilities here

    Support Discord
    Click here to join the Discord server for support, suggestions, announcements, and to join the community!

    Wiki and Documentation
    Click here to view the Wiki and Documentation

    You can find info about Configuration, Messages, Stats, Commands, Permissions, Rewards, and Placeholders on the Wiki.

    Messages and Languages
    Change your personal language using /skills lang [language]. Change the default language using the default-language option in config.yml and restarting the server.

    Help translate the plugin on Crowdin, if you don't see your language ask on the Discord server for it to be added.

    How to install the plugin:
    • Place the jar you downloaded into your plugins folder
    • Restart the server (Do not reload)
    Do not report bugs or ask for support in reviews, please ask or report them in the Discord!


Recent Reviews

  1. Rican
    Version: Beta 1.2.5
    lots of bugs, dont use it for public setup, looks good but works like a failed experiment
    1. Archyx
      Author's Response
      After talking with Rican, the issue is only a specific incompatibility with a plugin called HuskSync, which syncs player data between servers, after Aurelium Skills is uninstalled.

      Since Aurelium Skills uses minecraft attributes for the health stat, they stay after uninstalling the plugin. However, detailed instructions on how to fix this are in the #faq channel in the support Discord. The issue in this review is only because the player data is stored in a database from the HuskSync plugin, not in file.

      I am working with Rican to resolve their issue. Either way, please report bugs and issues in the support Discord only so they can be fixed.
  2. VySynce
    Version: Beta 1.2.5
    This plugin is excellent, totally recommended for servers with PVE modalities like Survival or SkyBlock.

    Para quienes hablan en español, que sepan que la traducción que se hace es bastante buena, y son menos de 5 las frases a modificar, generalmente por temas de puntación.
  3. TheJayZ
    Version: Beta 1.2.5
    Amazing plugin. The developer itself is communicative and gives additions to the plugin based on demand. I would pay if this plugin was premium
    1. Archyx
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review!
  4. dinoboss2001
    Version: Beta 1.2.5
    buenísimo trabajo el dev es responsable la verdad esperaba menos pero me sigue sorprendiendo este plugin al nivel de un plugin premium de altísima calidad la verdad no vi errores mas que los que leei en github pero mas nada un placer usar su plugin señor archyx
  5. ItzTracer
    Version: Beta 1.2.5
    Very cool plugin, I’d expect it to cost money but it is completely free. Very premium plugin, and good support, and customization! 10/10.
    1. Archyx
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
  6. Linuxxxx
    Version: Beta 1.2.5
    Great plugin, the developer was fast replying at support. Keep update because I like this, easy to customize the config.
  7. Minecraft_Pundit
    Version: Beta 1.2.4
    I have to say your coloring system, symbols, layouts, easy of use, options for health, and health indicators are FAN-F******-TASTIC!! I also love your math formulas for scalability. Out of the box everything is close to perfect, and what is not is entirely configurable. 4.5/5 stars for sure, only reserving the 5 for the ever evasive perfect out-of-the-box plugin requiring no config!

    I recommend disabling force base health (so you can see extra hearts). For that practicality I also recommend increasing the toughness scaling formulas, and decreasing the health formula so the hearts don't cover your whole display after a few months of play. I also recommend using a title, or boss bar for health & mana display. The reason being the action bar cannot ever be used by anything else at the same time as your plugin. Otherwise the action bar flickers as long as there's more than one thing trying to display.

    IMO I reread your wiki post on values, and I still don't understand it even after skipping over it and reading about the values thinking it'd help, but it's still a little confusing -- I suggest a more detailed paragraph re-write? On the /stats page Luck and Regeneration need reformatting (i think that's the right word) they both go off the page in both small client, and full screen and my monitor is large. Hope this was helpful, awesome plugin.
  8. SephirothFFVII
    Version: Beta 1.2.3
    Great plugin!
    Great developer!
    All my players love this plugin!
    Wide support for minecraft server versions.
    Responsive developer who answers all questions very quickly and fixes plugin bugs!
    And it's all completely free!
    If you make a premium version of this plugin with advanced features, I will definitely buy it!
  9. segu23
    Version: Beta 1.2.3
    Actualmente, el mejor plugin de habilidades, no cabe duda del buen gusto del dev, felicidades
  10. luckmine
    Version: Beta 1.2.1
    Один из самых лучших плагинов. Который БЕСПЛАТНО)Спасибо разработчик)LIKE)LIKE)LIKE)