Aurelium Skills | Advanced Skills, Stats, Abilities, and more Alpha 1.4.2

Advanced Skills, Stats, and Abilties plugin

  1. Archyx
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Polish, Russian, Support for custom messages
    Aurelium Skills
    AureliumSkills is an advanced and configurable skills, stats, and abilities plugin, great for a variety of server gamemodes such as survival, skyblock, factions, RPG, and more!

    Discord: (Join for support/suggestions/discussion)

    • 15 Unique Skills
    • 6 Player Stats
    • Up to 5 abilities per skill
    • Custom stat modifiers and stat items and armor!
    • Extensive configuration: change XP sources, stats, level up requirements, loot tables, ability values, and more!
    • Enable/Disable any Skill or Ability
    • Customize fishing and excavation loot tables
    • Custom messages/language support
    • Supports: WorldGuard (1.13+), HolographicDisplays, PlaceholderAPI
    • MySQL support
    Requires server running Spigot, Paper, or fork of those. CraftBukkit will not work.

    There are a total of 15 custom Skills that players can level up! Words in parenthesis indicate the actions used to level up that skill. Brackets indicate the stats the skill levels in order of primary then secondary.
    - Farming (Harvesting crops) [H, S]
    - Foraging (Chopping wood) [S, T]
    - Mining (Mining ores) [T, L]
    - Fishing (Fishing) [L, H]
    - Excavation (Digging) [R, L]

    - Archery (Killing mobs with a bow) [L, S]
    - Defense (Taking damage) [T, H]
    - Fighting (Killing mobs with melee) [S, R]
    - Endurance (Running and walking) [R, T]
    - Agility (Jumping and fall damage) [W, R]
    - Alchemy (Brewing potions) [H, W]
    - Enchanting (Enchanting items) [W, L]
    - Sorcery (Not yet implemented) [S, W]
    - Healing (Drinking and splashing potions) [R, H]
    - Forging (Combining items in an anvil) [T, W]
    The Skills Menu (/skills)

    Stats are player specific buffs that directly link into Skills in a very organized and logical way! There are a total of 6 unique stats:
    - Strength (Increases attack damage)
    - Health (Increases max health)
    - Regeneration (Increases health and mana regen speed)
    - Luck (Increase luck attribute and has double drop chance)
    - Wisdom (Increases experience gain, max mana, and decreases anvil costs)
    - Toughness (Reduces incoming damage)
    Every Skill has a unique combination of 2 stats that it levels up! These are categorized into primary and secondary. Primary stats gain one level for every skill level. Secondary stats gain one level for every other skill Level.

    The Stats Menu (/stats)
    Click here for more info

    Commands listed as /sk can also be used with /skills or /skill in case /sk is taken by another plugin. <these> are required arguments, [these] are optional.
    • /stats - Opens Stats Menu
    • /skills or /skill or /sk - Opens Skills Menu
    • /sk top [skill] - Shows skill leaderboard
    • /sk xp add <player> <skill> <amount> - Adds skill XP
    • /sk xp set <player> <skill> <amount> - Sets a player's skill XP
    • /sk xp remove <player> <skill> <amount> - Removes skill XP
    • /sk skill setlevel <player> <skill> <level> - Sets skill level
    • /sk skill setall <player> <level> - Sets all of a player's skills to a level
    • /sk skill reset <player> [skill] - Resets all skills or a specific skill to level 1
    • /sk lang <lang> - Changes language
    • /sk reload - Reloads config files
    • /sk modifier add <player> <stat> <name> <value> [silent] - Adds a stat modifier to a player
    • /sk modifier remove <player> <name> [silent] - Removes a specific stat modifier from a player
    • /sk modifier list [player] [stat] - Lists all or a specific stat's modifiers for a player
    • /sk modifier removeall [player] [stat] [silent] - Removes all stat modifiers from a player
    • /sk item modifier add <stat> <value> [lore] - Adds an item stat modifier to the item held, along with lore by default
    • /sk item modifier remove <stat> [lore] -
      Removes an item stat modifier from the item held, and the lore associated with it by default
    • /sk item modifier list -
      Lists all item stat modifiers on the item held
    • /sk item modifier removeall -
      Removes all item stat modifiers from the item held
    • /sk armor modifier add <stat> <value> [lore] - Adds an armor stat modifier to the item held, along with lore by default
    • /sk armor modifier remove <stat> [lore] -
      Removes an armor stat modifier from the item held, and the lore associated with it by default
    • /sk armor modifier list -
      Lists all armor stat modifiers on the item held
    • /sk armor modifier removeall -
      Removes all armor stat modifiers from the item held
    • /sk multiplier [player] - Shows a player's current XP multiplier based on their permissions
    • /sk help - Shows a help menu
    Click here for a list of all permissions

    The placeholders that Aurelium Skills currently has, no need for an ecloud expansion, works automatically
    • %aureliumskills_power% - Combined skill level
    • %aureliumskills_[skill]% - Level for a certain skill (ex: %aureliumskills_farming%)
    • %aureliumskills_[stat]% - Level for a certain stat (ex: %aureliumskills_health%)
    • %aureliumskills_hp% - Hp as an integer
    • %aureliumskills_hp_1% - Hp rounded to 1 decimal
    • %aureliumskills_hp_2% - Hp rounded to 2 decimals
    • %aureliumskills_mana% - Current player mana

    More info
    The plugin uses the action bar to display Health and Mana, as well as whenever Skill XP is gained.
    The plugin has sound effects and title texts when skills are leveled up.
    Every Skill has a level progression menu that displays the rewards for all levels, and your current progress.

    This is in Alpha development, features are incomplete and there may be many bugs.
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Recent Reviews

  1. LucFrsever3
    Version: Alpha 1.4.2
    THE BEST free skills plugin!!!! 10/5 stars!

    i don't really like the menu skills because it is 97 levels.
    i think the best it is 100 for perfectionist!
    Again Thanks you for this plugin!!
  2. Miguelon01
    Version: Alpha 1.4.2
    The best skill plugin o-o, i like it so much
    sir, can u add like a command for add or remove attributes/stats for example /skill add health [player] 5
    1. Archyx
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, this was actually just added in version 1.4.2, check the update notes for the commands. I will put them on the main page too!
  3. SnowCutieOwO
    Version: Alpha 1.4.0
    Such a good and free plugin,and very well received in my repost.
    Just keep going and add more features for this plugin!
  4. shervin_gamer85
    Version: Alpha 1.3.1
    very very VERY greate plugin pls update and support :DDDDDDDD

    thank you so much this is the best plugin :)
    1. Archyx
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Yes, there will be many more updates to come, and for the best support join the discord :)
  5. icansc187
    Version: Alpha 1.3.0
    can i add permission per skills sir ?
    thankyou best plugin !!! recommend :*
  6. TCKA
    Version: Alpha 1.3.0
    friend, please 1.8.9. (One of the best plugins I've seen in my life!) .
  7. Kubson_19
    Version: Alpha 1.3.0
    Really awesome resource, I was thinking to replace it for my jobs plugin if there's a way to add economy system.
  8. Thomas1
    Version: Alpha 1.3.0
    very awesome plugin. this is insane. May i ask you if you can update the source code on github. thank you
    1. Archyx
      Author's Response
      Thank you! And the github should be updated whenever a new version releases on here, so it should be up to date most of the time.
  9. hrzn00
    Version: Alpha 1.2.0
    Fantastic resource, our players love it. What I'd love to see for future updates are more customization options, maybe unique items like xp-bombs, orbs with special perks and maybe even an ingame skill-builder where you can specify tasks, rewards, xp and so on!

    But all in all, already a massive plugin that is way ahead of even its payed counterparts!
    1. Archyx
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I will take a look into your suggestions :)
  10. ItsJacob
    Version: Alpha 1.2.0
    The support is great, updates are coming constantly and it's a very well-made and useful plugin overall!