Aurin Items 1.0

Custom items with ranks

  1. asdmuzaasd
    Hello People,

    I made a plugin to create random rank and custom items.

    • You can create, delete and get item with custom lore and name.
    • You can create, delete and get item with custom value rank.
    • Easy chat-menu system
    • Custom item name and lore
    • Random item name
    • Health modification
    • Damage modification
    • Enchant system
    How the random rank item works?
    When you create a random rank item, you create a rank with value.
    Then you can get the items in the rank. (Eg.: Chestplate, helmet, bow etc...);
    The rank value gives enchants to the items (It generate a random item from 0 to the rank value.). Max enchant lvl is 10.

    • /ai -> Main menu
    • /ai reload -> Config reload
    • /ai editor -> Modify items
    • /ai get -> Get items
    • \_¤ Permission: aurinitems.usage ¤ __/


    Main menu

    Editor command

    Custom item editor

    Get items

    Get random rank items

    Give me a feedback!