AuthLock 1.1

Easy two factor authentication.

  1. FiveLetterName
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    • 1.16
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    This project was forked from github/ConnorLinfoot

    Hello all! Welcome to AuthLock! A free two-factor authentication plugin for Spigot and Bungeecord(soon).

    Installing Authlock
    Installing AuthLock is very simple. It's made to work right out of the box.

    1. Download the plugin from our GitHub
    2. Drag the plugin into your plugins folder
    3. Restart your server

    • Designed with simplicity in mind. It just works.
    • Configurable messages and prefix.
    • In-game QR display using maps.
    • Support for flat-file configuration.
    • Ability to force 2FA for players (or just Staff)
    • Disables player movement, block breaking, chat, and inventory changes before you authenticate.

Recent Reviews

  1. RiftDevelopment
    Version: 1.1
    One of the best two factor plugins on Spigot. I love the QR codes on the maps! It worked right off the bat.