authme to bungee bridge 1

allows cracked servers to have better features in bungee

  1. cow
    i have realised that in its current form, it can be used to bypass ALL logins, thus giving a hacker FULL ACCESS
    my next update will include security to fix this,
    (hopefully) it will work with v1.7 to v1.8.7 mc

    just realised that i compiled the spigot part of the plugin against spigot 1.7 and authme 3.5
    (tested on 1.7 only, but the lobby of my network has it with the protocol hack)
    the authme version is the one from the bukkit page

    i will upload a version for the newer authme and spigot versions
    the bungee part is made using the bungee source that i downloaded on 15/6/15 (at the time of writing, that is yesterday) and i know it works with older bungees

    if you are the owner of a cracked bungee network, you have definitely had most, if not, all of these problems.
    1. all servers excluding the lobby with restricted:true (to block people joining and typing /server to bypass auth)
    2. NO admin perms for your staff accounts in bungee (anyone can log in and use it because authme cant block it)
    3. /glist can only show the lobby
    4. lots of limits on what you can add to bungee
    this plugin will block EVERYTHING until they have logged in.
    it has 2 methods of blocking bungee actions,
    blocks all / commands, not just bungee related ones
    blocks all chat
    blocks tab complete on all bungee commands
    whitelist of commands that users can use
    customisable message sent to player when it blocks an action,

    • blocks all bungee stuff until logged in
    • block message supports colours (remember to use single quotes around the message - '&1message'
    • supports the authme /logout command, typing that will enable the blocks for a user (only works if the user is in the lobby server
    • *Should* work for servers with multiple lobbys
    • as the owner of the network, you can now give yourself perm for /send and /alert
    • cancels the commands AND overrides all permissions in bungee - 2 methods of blocking
    • 1 file for spigot and bungee

    1. drop authme bungee.jar into your lobby server's plugins folder
    2. put a copy of authme bungee.jar into the bungee plugins folder
    3. restart both lobby and bungee
    4. stop bungee
    5. edit plugins/config.yml in the bungee server (there is no config for the lobby server)
    6. start everything up

    Code (Text):
    reloginmsg: You need to login again! # NOT IMPLEMENTED
    cantdothat: You Cant do that until you log in! #message when something is blocked
    loginserver: hubservername #the name of your hub / lobby defined in config.yml for bungee
    allowedcmds: # a list of commands that will not be blocked
    - login
    - l
    - register
    - r
    If you try it, and it doesnt work, please give me the following information:
    bungee version
    spigot version
    java version
    authme version
    what did the plugin do that it wasnt meant to do
    console logs / screenshots

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      what version do you have? java, spigot, bungee, authme