AuthMeRedirect 1.3

Redirect players to another server when they login!

  1. Raira

    AuthMeRedirect is an add-on for AuthMe which redirects a player to another server when they log in on your AuthMe server!

    What does this provide you?
    This provides you with a way to make a "Pre-Lobby" as some like to call it, where players log in and then get redirected to the main lobby or to another server


    • Download the jar file called AuthMeRedirect.jar from this resource page.
    • Drag it into your AuthMe server. [This is an AuthMe add-on, it will not work without it!!]
    • Run the server so the configuration file generates and close the server.
    • Open up the configuration file, put the server you would like players to redirect to.
    • Save the configuration file and start up the server. And that's it, you're ready to go!
    • Add a permision to bypass the redirect. [Done!] Permission: authmeredirect.noredirect
    Thanks for reading!
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Recent Updates

  1. plugin.yml fix
  2. New stuff
  3. Added bypass permission