AuthMeReloaded 5.4.0

The best authentication plugin for the Bukkit/Spigot API!

  1. 5.4.0 Update

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  2. AuthMe 5.3.2 Release

    Important update: we fixed some major bugs!


    Now we have a single jar for any MC version since 1.7.10, enjoy!
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  3. AuthMe Release 5.3.1

  4. AuthMe Release 5.3

  5. AuthMe 5.2 - Release Build

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  6. AuthMe Dev 5.2 - September Update

    //Changes 5.2 DEV September
    * Fix some problems with API
    * Fix some message translation
    * Fix auto login not working in sync mode
    * Some other fix - Changelog available on github
  7. AuthMe 5.2-BETA3


    Before update to this version make sure to do a backup of all files, database and accounts.

    Changes 5.2 BETA 3:

    • Fixed performance issues.
    • Fixed spawn location issues.
    • Fixed SingleSession feature.
    • Added Max-Login-Tries feature.
    • Fixed other minor issues.
    Changes 5.2 BETA 2:

    Minor fixes

    Changes 5.2 Beta 1:

    WARNING: For CraftBukkit/Spigot < 1.7.10 or Cauldron you need to...
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  8. Update

    fix some problems with compilation and NPE
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  9. Fix API issue

    Due to new API, old plugins would broke down :/
    Don't forget to update to JAVA 8
  10. BETA1 AuthMe 5.0 - Feel free to report some issues !

    AuthMe 5.0 can now been released as a beta, i think it's so much stable than before ... but some bugs can occured anyway, feel free to report them !

    NOTE : You need to update to JAVA 8 in case you will use AuthMe 5 !
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