AuthYou - the lightweight and performance-friendly Login Plugin beta v1.2.1

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  1. mReTurkey
    AuthYou - beta v1.2.1
    the lightweight and performance-friendly Login Plugin

    First of all, what is AuthYou ?
    AuthYou is a lightweight and performance-friendly login/authentication plugin for cracked server.
    This plugin is similar and compatible to AuthMe Reloaded, but not a copy.

    Is AuthYou compatible with AuthMe?
    Yes, you only need to copy your config.yml to the DataFolder of AuthYou.
    Add "mySQLColumnUUID: uuid" to DataSource in the config.yml.
    But I recommend: don't copy the config.yml from AuthMe! Let AuthYou generate the new config.
    Then you need to add a new column (uuid) to your old AuthMe Database.
    Download AuthYou.
    At least replace the jar-file of AuthMe (reloaded) with the downloaded jar-file of AuthYou.

    Tutorials will coming soon...

    Or just delete all tables and files from AuthMe to generate new files.

    Are there differences between AuthMe and AuthYou ?

    Yes, here is a list:
    • Plugin is x10 smaller then AuthMe
    • UUID Support
    • Session's will be saved in a separate table
    • AuthYou only use MySQL as data soruce.
    • All saved passwords are encrypted with SHA256 and is compatible with all already saved passwords in AuthMe encrypted with SHA256.
    • E-Mail Service will not supported yet.
    • GEO-Blocking will not supported yet.
    • UUID Support
    • Multi-Threading (lag-free)
    • Username spoofing protection.
    • Session Login
    • Editable translations and messages
    • Caching
    • Custom MySQL tables/columns names (useful with forums databases) - only for registrations
    • Saves the quit location of the player
    • Compatible with AuthMe Reloaded
    • Protect player's inventory until a correct Authentication
    • Supports currently only SHA256 encryption algorithm for passwords
    Detailed Video-Tutorials,How To's and Setup Guide will coming soon!

    Player Commands
    • /register <password> <password> OR /reg <password> <password>
    • /login <password> OR /l <password>
    • /logout
    • /changepassword <password> <password>
    Admin Commands
    • /authyou reload - Reloads the config
    • /authyou changepassword <username> <password> - Changes the password of the given username


    • authyou.player.* - for all player commands
    • authyou.admin.* - for all admin commands
    • authyou.player.login - Login
    • authyou.player.register- Register
    • authyou.player.logout- Logout
    • authyou.player.changepassword- Changepassword
    • authyou.admin.changepassword- Admin Command to change user passwords
    • authyou.admin.reload- Admin Command to reload the plugin

    Code (Text):
      mySQLHost: localhost   #host of mysql
      mySQLPort: 3306   #port of mysql
      mySQLDatabase: authyou   #database of mysql
      mySQLUsername: username   #username for login into mysql
      mySQLColumnUUID: uuid   #uuid column-name of 'authyou' table
      mySQLPassword: pass1234   #password for login into mysql
      mySQLTablename: authyou   #mysql table name for registrations
      mySQLColumnName: username   #username column-name of 'authyou' table
      mySQLColumnPassword: password  #password column-name of 'authyou' table
      mySQLColumnIp: ip  #ip column-name of 'authyou' table
      mySQLColumnLastLogin: last_login  #last login column-name of 'authyou' table
      mySQLlastlocX: x  #X Location column-name of 'authyou' table
      mySQLlastlocY: y  #Y Location column-name of 'authyou' table
      mySQLlastlocZ: z  #Z Location column-name of 'authyou' table
      mySQLlastlocWorld: world  #world name column-name of 'authyou' table
      mySQLColumnId: id  #id column-name of 'authyou' table
      mySQLColumnLogged: is_logged  #is logged column-name of 'authyou' table
        enabled: true  #recommend: true
        timeout: 3   #is linked with "TimeUnit" for example: 3 DAYS (timeout means, when session will be expired)
        TimeUnit: DAYS  #is linked with "timeout" for example: 3 DAYS
        sessionExpireOnIpChange: true   #if true, the session will expire when the ip changes. (recommend: true)
        allowChat: false   #allow the chat while login
        allowCommands:   #list of commands which can bypassed
        - /login
        - /l
        - /register
        - /reg
        maxRegPerIp: 1   #max registrations per ip
        maxNicknameLength: 20   #max lenght of player's username
        kickNonRegistered: false   #kick all non-registered players
        kickOnWrongPassword: false   #kick player if password was wrong
        kickViaBungeeCord: false   #If you have a bungeecord server, set this to 'true', to kick vie bungecord
        minNicknameLength: 3   #min lenght of player's username
        allowMovement: false   #is movement allowed while login
        timeout: 30   #how long will be wait until the player logs in
        allowedNicknameCharacters: '[a-zA-Z0-9_]*'   #allowed nickname characters
        allowedPasswordCharacters: '[\x21-\x7E]*'   #allowed password characters
        enabled: true   #is registrations enabled
        minPasswordLength: 4   #min length of passwords
        stopServer: true   #stop's the server if the plugin throws a SQL Exeption. (recommend: true)
    Please contact me, if you found bugs.

    Good Luck! & Thanks!
    - mReTurkey

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    Version: beta v1.2.1
    Pls add wordpress hashs .
  2. ThisIsMyUsername
    Version: beta v1.2.1
    Looking good but i've noticed a glitch that makes it possible for non logged in players to slowly move/walk, which normally isn't supposed to happen (movement is set to false in config). If you want i can record a video to demonstrate it. I've tested the plugin under Spigot 1.8.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT version git-Spigot-db6de12-07c3001
  3. ralrsv
    Version: beta v1.2.1
    Great plugin!
    Its doing his job and its easy to handle
    The author is fixing bugs fast and adding a lot of features
  4. det483
    Version: beta v1.2.1
    Can you please add bungeecord support and can you add antibot protection like authmereloaded? If so this plugin should be really good and I should definetely use this plugin :D
    1. mReTurkey
      Author's Response
      BungeeCord Support is coming soon, don't worry :)
  5. JoseGamer628
    Version: beta v1.2.1
    Pliss add BungeeCord Support (BungeeAuthme) .
    1. mReTurkey
      Author's Response
      BungeeCord Support is coming soon, don't worry :)
  6. AnyBody
    Version: beta v1.2.1

    Great Plugin! Perfect work!
    1. mReTurkey
      Author's Response
      Thanks!! :)
  7. Scarllium
    Version: beta v1.2.1
    Great plugin!
    Hope you can add inventory-protection before login, that would be perfect!
    Keep going!
    1. mReTurkey
      Author's Response
      Thank you! will be added soon :)
  8. Bolean
    Version: beta v1.2
    Seriously awesome and nice but please add more features and also add more command and perms and title and subtitle and actionbars
    1. mReTurkey
      Author's Response
      More Features will come soon.
      But thank you for the review :)
  9. WasdCat
    Version: beta v1.2
    Excellent plugin, tomorrow I will install it on my server and do a video review (in spanish) . 10/10

    To author:
    I will send you the video when I upload to Youtube. Thanks you for make this awesome mod.
    1. mReTurkey
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review!
      And thank you very much for your video :)
  10. Mr.Midnight
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin :3 keep up the good work. Also I think the plugin is huge size wise, 70 KB in a plugin holly crap. Good job :3
    1. mReTurkey
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I will update the release version on this weekend :)