Auto Chest Seller | Reduces Hoppers by 70% 2.6

Automatically sell Grinder items by pumping them into 1 chest and not 100+ holder chests

  1. Better Config explanation

    Better Config explanation, I basically explained how you can add your own items in the top of the config.
  2. Added in GunPowder Default for new configs

    Added in a default for gunpowder since the name isn't obvious,
    Code (YAML):

    : 1.50
    Reminder, you can sell any item in the game, just add in what you want into the config section with a price.
  3. Small change to log plugin version on reload

    Reloading the plugin will now print the version.

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  4. Trapped Chest Support

    Added in Trapped Chest support, you can now use trappedChests as a sellerChest.

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  5. AntiDupe Class Added + Better Handling

    This update basically adds in a new antiDupe class which will overlook the sellerChest and deny any attempt to hopper out items. This was in version 1.0 but this update puts it in its own class as well as actively removing hoppers which attempt to suck out items of a sellerChest. Making the overall AntiDupe class far more efficient.

    If you're enjoying the plugin consider leaving a review, it helps a lot.
  6. Confirmed 1.11.2 Support + Fixed Permission

    Version 1.1 >

    Confirmed support for 1.11.2 as well as adding permission acs.break which when given will let your staff remove autoseller setups.