Auto Collecting Entity Chest 1.0

Allows players to place this special chest and collect any nearby entities. :D

  1. little_dude187
    little_dude187 (lazypiggy), ocomobock <-- all credit goes to this guy
    I would like to first off thank ocomobock for help making this plugin come to life. But i would like to distribute it to you guys, absolutely free!

    Video demonstration:

    Simple to use only 1 command

    /entitychest give [amount] [radius]

    for example:

    /entitychest give 1 5

    Think of the entitychest like it has a cube, anything that falls within the cube (items dropped) will fall straight into the chest


    This is a diagram of what ever entity falls into it will be sucked into the chest. the open space inside the diagram is the radius

    I hope you enjoy the plugin. Give it a rating and suggestions are taken! Thanks! :D