AUTO Eating 2.0

A plugin that manages hunger bar.

  1. Noobaly
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    • 1.16
    This was mainly for personal use but i decided to upload it anyways,

    Have you ever died while you were afk on an XP farm in a survival world BECUASE of hunger ? Well i did, and it was sad RIP 100 levels. So decided to come up with this plugin.

    Usage is very basic, use "/autoeat" command to start the monitoring, now anytime your hunger is less than equal 5 you'll automatically eat what's in your inventory.

    Supported food items are:
    - Anything that's cooked
    - Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Cookie
    - Roasted Potato
    - Stews, Beetroot Soup
    - Melon Slice, Carrot, Apple, Golden Carrot, Sweet Berries, Beetroot, Dried Kelp
    - Honey Bottle

    That's it now anytime you gain XP or move and if your hunger is less than equal 5, you'll eat something and replenish some hunger.

    EDIT: This does not completely sate your hunger, just adds the food value of the item you eat to your hunger, i didn't want to deal with the health regen factor you get when you sate your hunger, sorry :/

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