Auto-In abandoned

premium auto login and Fix premium UUID on offline servers! And more!

  1. [3.0-alpha.7] Fixed connection throttling issues on Bungee for 1.9

    zip contains 2 .jars, one for 1.7-1.8 and one for 1.9.2/4
    For new bungeecord versions use AutoIn for 1.9, only bungeecord for 1.7.10 need old AutoIn

    As some of you know, I wanted to make it premium resource so I will be able to work harder on 4.x update and release it in some sane time.
    But as spigot staff rejected it as paid versions should have much more features than free one, and I didn't wanted remove free one... it is still free, but only god knows when I find time for 4.x update, as instead of updating I will do more paid requests.
    This same with future updates.

    Ofc you can donate this project so I will be able to find more time for it ;)

    PS: new version don't have auto-update check feature.
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