Auto re-planter | Tree Farm | Melon Farm | Sugar Farm 0.8

Auto re-planter allows all trees, melons or sugar within a selected region to be auto replanted.

  1. EndermiteMc
    Endermite, Hemm
    - TreeFarm create/remove (permission: 'gizmotreefarm.create'/'gizmotreefarm.remove')
    - MelonFarm create/remove (permission: 'gizmotreefarm.create'/'gizmotreefarm.remove')
    - Sugarfarm create/remove (permission: 'gizmotreefarm.create'/'gizmotreefarm.remove')

    World Guard Users:
    Please note, to use this with World Guard, define a world guard region and set 'build' to 'allow'. Do not worry as Auto Re-planter will handle events within the region for you.

    How to use:
    1) Select a region by right/left clicking with a diamond hoe (like World Edit), ensure that you have the permission ''.
    2) Create the appropriate farm(s) using the above commands.
    3) Enjoy the luxury of not having to replant saplings, sugar cain and melons.