Auto Respawn | The best auto respawn in spigot 1.0 release

Different way for you to customize your auto respawn

  1. i998979
    Auto Respawn

    Different way for you to customize your auto respawn

    Hello guys
    This is a auto respawn skript
    but with different feature, just configure with command.
    Install, enable, then use

    Install, /ar enable, then auto respawn
    different way to choose keep/clear/drop the inventory
    back to death point or spawn selection

    Future Plan
    Per-world settings (if you really want that I might do it in next release


    Test Server (The server that I am working at :D )

    ...If you used this in your sevrer, please pm me your server ip and i will add it here

    Skript 2.1.2
    SkQuery 3


    /ar enable: Enable Auto Respawn"
    /ar disable: Disable Auto Respawn"
    /ar keepinv: Keep the inventory after death"
    /ar dropinv: Drop the inventory after death"
    /ar removeinv: Clear the inventory after death"
    /ar backdeathpoint: Back to the deathpoint after death"
    /ar backspawn: Back to the default spawn after death"
    /ar delay: Set time to delay before respawn"