Auto Smelt 1.7.1

Auto Smelt Your Ores!

  1. tweedjt
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    AutoSmelt.jpg Intro.jpg

    AutoSmelt is a plugin that when you break an Iron, Gold ore block, Ancient Debris, or Copper ore it will drop an Ingot instead of an ore!​


    grab any pickaxe and start mining!
    Fortune pickaxe will drop extra ingots!
    SilkTouch pickaxe will pick up blocks instead of ingots
    Great for Prison and Factions servers!
    Lightweight / Doesn't cause server lag
    Worldguard Support
    Auto Pickup after blocks are mined
    Naturally drop blocks when players inventory is full
    AutoSmelt Pickaxe that can be spawned in and used without command
    Config to customize the plugin!
    Experience Orb Drops​


    /as | Toggles AutoSmelt on/off
    /smelt <player> | Spawns in AutoSmelt Pickaxe
    /asreload | Reloads Config​


    autosmelt.mine | Required for /as
    autosmelt.spawn | Required for /smelt <player>
    autosmelt.reload | Required for /asreload​

    Planned Features.jpg

    • Adding Economy Support on block break (configurable)

    Open to suggestions! :)


    Code (YAML):

    #Is AutoSmelt on by default
    : false

    #Are Drops to Inventory on by default
    : true

    #Drop exp orbs?
    : true

    #Enable Fortune Drops for Fortune Pick?
    : true

    #Set the experience orb value for Iron
    : 1

    #Set the experience orb value for Gold
    : 1

    #Set the experience orb value for Netherite Scrap
    : 2

    #On message for /as command
    : AutoSmelt has been turned &aON

    #Off message for /as command
    : AutoSmelt has been turned &aOFF

    #Message prefix for plugin
    : "&d[&fAutoSmelt&d] &r"


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Recent Updates

  1. Minor Update
  2. Updated for MC 1.17
  3. Bug Fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. MrBrumble
    Version: 1.6.2
    5 Stars for what it does but it doesn't smelt cobble/sand etc. Would be nice if it did
    1. tweedjt
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! I could look into adding cobble/sand in the future (maybe as a config option) ;)
  2. Kristianas
    Version: 1.6.2
    works like a charm! Perfect resource for my prison server :). Try it out you will like this for sure!
  3. Cheesy_Bacon
    Version: 1.6.2
    Hey, I like the plugin alot and it really helped my server. Thank you! But I had something to ask, is there any way I can change the files so instead of netherite giving a scrap, it gives an ingot?
    1. tweedjt
      Author's Response
      Ancient debris when smelted drops netherite scrap and then you must craft the ingot using the smelted scrap and gold. You cannot get the ingot from Ancient debris itself.
  4. miguel456
    Version: 1.5.5
    Everything works, but unfortunately, players cannot break any smeltable ores if AutoSmelt if off, especially in creative mode (for admins and such).
    This is unacceptable. For me, it's a game-breaking bug, as it totally messes with the logic I had planned out for a Prison mine.
    1. tweedjt
      Author's Response
      Hi these issues have been resolved with the latest update, thank you!
  5. MrUnlimitedGG
    Version: 1.5.5
    The is a great plugin, does what it is meant to do. However 2 issues I have noticed is that while in creative you cannot break ore blocks at all. The plugin causes some sort of interference and is places the block back immediately. I am sure this can be fixed by the author. Also when a player doesnt have the autosmelt enabled and they mine an ore. they get nothing at all, nothing drops etc. Not sure if that is only on my server side or in general.

    Overall great plugin!
    1. tweedjt
      Author's Response
      I have fixed these issues in the new update. Thank you!
  6. bayerntvplay
    Version: 1.5.4
    Hey, nice plugin!

    You can set the Code type in your plugin description to YAML, then the Config will look better here on the website :)
    1. tweedjt
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! and i did not know i had that option! thank you :)
  7. torpkev
    Version: 1.5.2
    I've watched this plugin grow from a simple auto-smelting to a feature rich Auto-Smelter. great job!
  8. wolfling_
    Version: 1.5.2
    Changing my review because this plugin is not a 3-star plugin anymore.

    This plugin is working great. There is only one problem i have, but i think it's on my side as i've had it with AutoSmelt custom enchants too. I don't know how to fix it though.. (Sometimes, like 1/5 chance, nothing will drop from the ore. Doesn't happen with other ores or when i remove the plugin)

    Another thing is the AutoSmelt item drops seem very un-vanilla like. They pop up really high instead of dropping normally. Maybe using a datapack would solve this? I tried that myself and it worked fine other than there was no way to add exp drops, and obviously this plugin could fix that.

    Otherwise this is a perfect plugin! I just wish it would work for me lol
    1. tweedjt
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! I will definitely take a look at the issues you are having :)
  9. SharkTits
    Version: 1.3
    oi this is awesome its lite and works withouth a mistake modpack creators should peak an eye or two at this
  10. Kipe
    Version: 1.0
    I really think this plugin is awesome. Hope everyone likes this and download of course, don't forget to rate :P.