Auto Smelt 1.7.1

Auto Smelt Your Ores!

  1. Minor Update

    - Added Copper ore to smeltable items
    • Without Fortune will drop 1-3 pieces of copper

    Working on adding EXP multiplier and config options as well in next update
  2. Updated for MC 1.17

    -Updated for MC 1.17
  3. Bug Fixes

    - Fixed Gold and Nether scrap xp from config not working
    - Cleaned up some code

    - Working on implementing Jobs Reloaded Support
  4. Update for MC 1.16.2

    Updated to 1.16.2

    - Added config option to disable fortune drops on a fortune pickaxe

    - Fixed bug where silktouch enchant didn't work with Ancient Debris

    - Fixed bug where if Auto Pickup was set to false XP wouldn't drop
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  5. Updated for MC 1.16.1

    - Added Netherite Pickaxe
    - Added AutoSmelt for Ancient Debris to Nether Scrap
    - Added Custom EXP for Nether Scrap drop in Config (Default = 2)
  6. Updated for MC 1.15.2 + BUG FIX

    - Fixed bug where if player was in creative they could not remove iron or gold blocks
    -Fixed bug where if player toggled /as off they could not break blocks
  7. Plugin Update

    -Updated for MC 1.15
  8. Minor Update #3

    - Added ability to change xp drop value for iron or gold ores mined in config
  9. Minor Update #2

    - Added exp_value into config to set how much xp youd like mined ores to drop

    - Fixed the natural drop of ingots to be more vanilla like
  10. Minor Update #1

    - Added /asreload to reload plugin config
    - Added ability to toggle exp drops in config
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