Auto Tour | give your first join player a pre-set tour 1.3 release

Give your first join player to have a tour before discover the server

  1. i998979
    in this website
    Someone stolen my skript and re-post it as this is his own creation

    Auto Tour

    Give your first join player to have a tour before discover the server

    Hello guys
    This skript is a request by 's Owner
    So, it is finally here
    This is auto tour skript
    You can set the location and "1" subtitle to send to the player
    Also, you can set the interval between each teleport

    Use subtitle instead of message
    Player is invisible when they are having tour
    Block any movement including facing
    separate admin command and tour command
    Player can have tour again by repeating the tour command
    Player will return the previous point after the tour (especially the non-first join player)
    Flying point also supported (I use when they move will teleport back every 1 tick)

    Future Plan
    use different way to say the message


    List all the information

    Use subtitle instead of message

    Message change when location change

    Test Server (The server that I am working at :D )

    ...If you used this in your sevrer, please pm me your server ip and i will add it here

    Skript 2.1.2


    /at addloc: Add your location with facing as the tour point
    /at addmsg [message as subtitle]: Add a message that will show as subtitle to the player
    /at delay [delay in tick]: Set the interval between location teleport
    /at list: List all the data stored include location, message, delay
    /at delete [loc|msg|delay]: Delete the whole part of database
    Player Command:
    /tour: Start the tour!