Auto-Tune ✅ SUPPLY/DEMAND DYNAMIC ECONOMY ✅ ⚡1.13 - 1.18⚡ 0.13.0

A Powerful Minecraft Automatic-Economy Plugin for 1.13-1.18 with lots of features

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
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    A Powerful Minecraft Automatic-Economy Plugin for 1.13-1.18 with many features!


    What is Auto-Tune?
    Auto-Tune is a Minecraft plugin for server that aims at transforming a part of Minecraft servers often ignored and that remains undeveloped. That is the economy of Minecraft servers.

    There are currently two forms of Minecraft economies that exists on modern servers. The first is vanilla which does not use plugins to assist in functionality within the economy. The second is a server-shop, vanilla blend, this method uses player-to-player trades and a server-wide shop that includes set prices for items to be bought and sold. The second method is often preferred on SMP/vanilla as it provides higher liquidity and engagement in the market than vanilla. However, on anarchy/semi-anarchy servers the vanilla-economy is provided as vanilla mechanics are often preferred.

    Both methods have significant issues. Vanilla being the most obvious with incredibly low engagement in the market as trades are strictly player-to-player bartering. To fix this issue servers and plugin-makers have developed a server-economy. Plugins such as essentials and Vault’s API allows for a medium of exchange within Minecraft. This has drastically fixed a lot of issues with the bartering system within Minecraft. However, the issue of low market engagement persisted. This has had attempts to be “fixed” however, by introducing server-wide shop plugins, often in the form of shop GUI’s or sign-shops. This is the current “preferred” method of economies in Minecraft servers.

    Auto-Tune aims to fix the still present problems in both methods of economies by introducing automatic dynamic pricing powered by Auto-Tune API, an API we have developed that contains various algorithms for calculating prices. Auto-Tune is a powerful, highly customizable plugin that creates a GUI-shop with server-set items that hooks into the Auto-Tune API and updates prices for items based on aggregate supply and demand. Different levels of Auto-Tune unlock access to various pricing models. However the Auto-Tune plugin contains many advanced features standalone; an integrated web-server that creates a website which displays graphs of items on the select server, automatic selling, volatility settings, sell price difference variation, and more. Our team at Auto-Tune is optimistic and passionate about Minecraft, plugin development and improving the community as a whole and are working hard at improving the plugin which is still deep in development.

    The plugin is still in BETA. For support join our discord server below!

    An example of a graph for an item created by the exponential algorithm displayed online:


    IMPORTANT: This plugin WONT work without an API-Key. You can get one for free on our discord below.

    Feature List

    • Advanced pricing model.
    • Contains 7 pricing model options. [Volatility Options and algorithm, data-selection-algorithm, and more].
    • 2 integrated web-servers to display prices online in graphs [Server port settings and more].
    • Configurable GUI with sizing, positioning and naming options.
    • Configurable shops with options to lock price and sell-price-differences [For more look at shops.yml configuration below].
    • Configurable sell-price-difference.
    • Stored detailed history of transactions.
    • Sell price-difference-variation algorithm options [Update period, total time, starting-difference, ending difference].
    • Player loaning including an easy loaning GUI.
    • Configurable interest rates [Update period, amount and more].
    • Debt settings.
    • Exploit protection.
    • GDP and GDP per capita calculation [factors in buying/selling, debt, and loaning, using /gdp].
    • Much more economy info such as server-balance debt, loss, and inflation.
    • Incredibly fast data-collection and creation.
    • Data corruption protection.
    • Configurable messages.
    • Fully configurable tutorial.
    • Configurable automatic selling command for players.
    • Data export and import.
    • And more!
    • Many more features coming soon.


    To use Auto-Tune

    • Make sure you have a valid API key
    • Download the latest version of Auto-Tune from the resources tab for your Minecraft server's Minecraft version - Make sure the dependencies are also installed Vault and any economy plugin such as Essentials. An optional dependency is PlaceholderAPI.
    • Put the .jar file in your Minecraft '/plugins' folder.
    • Restart your server.
    • Edit the config.yml file inside '/plugins/Auto-Tune/', and enter your API key and email (check Auto-Tune API for more).
    • Edit any other settings you want, in the config.yml file.
    • Edit the shops.yml file to include items you wish to have in your shop.
    • Restart your server, again.
    • Auto-Tune will be running on your server, do /shop to view the items you set in the shops.yml file.
    • For more information view our Wiki.


    What is Auto-Tune API
    Auto-Tune API is the API Auto-Tune connects to in order to start the server. The pricing mechanism is now local.
    It will be used in the future to perform many tasks.
    You still need an API key, for every version of Auto-Tune.

    How to get an Auto-Tune API key
    Auto-Tune API key's are free.
    To get an Auto-Tune API key please open a ticket on our discord:



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Recent Reviews

  1. Neigilis
    Version: 0.13.0
    flee this plugin:
    no support on the discord, the creator never answers
    full of problems, resets each time the server restarts
    and so on
  2. Supreme123452
    Version: 0.13.0
    Never saw such a good shop plugin! I hope you keep working updating it.
    It is fantastic, I really recommend it!
  3. titi49600
    Version: 0.13.0-pre-release-3
    trops bien il est possible de faire un shop evolutife

    bien pour un faction un prison et plus
  4. Screee0021
    Version: 0.13.0-pre-release-3
    This plugin is very helpful and very unique, it makes the shop more interesting and intiractive!
  5. MOD_craft
    Version: 0.13.0-pre-release-3
    Good plugin!Could I repost it to the largest mc forum in China: mcbbs?
  6. xCh4r0nex
    Version: 0.13.0-pre-release-3
    I find that it is a very good plugin and therefore gets (10/10) stars. Also, the plugin is actively bidding, which also ensures compatibility for upcoming MC versions higher 1.16.5. I think the biggest hurdle is the API key, which you get for free on Discord. However, you do not have to be afraid of it, there is a bot that gives it to you quickly in addition you get very good and fast support on this Discord.
  7. larssieboy18
    Version: 0.12.4
    The plugin is really good. The developers are really active in their Discord server and they seem to be very willing to develop the plugin to its full potential, of which it has a lot!
  8. Ryoyo
    Version: 0.12.4
    The plugin provides something I haven't seen anywhere else and when it works, it works well. Due to it being in Beta, there are a lot of bugs and usually small issues, which is to be expected. Some updates can definitely break things, sometimes a bit more than I'd like to. The important factor here though is that when you identify issues and bugs and report them, the author is extremely fast at replying and fixing said issues. Not only that, but the support in general for the plugin is pretty awesome, giving tips at how to stabilize the economy on servers with smaller player-bases and so on. While the documentation can at times be a little confusing for individual settings, the author is also usually quick to answer any questions on the discord. Personally, I can recommend it for the unique functionality and the outstanding support.
  9. XGamer11208
    Version: 0.11.1
    Needs an API to use the plugon at all.
    Instead of implementing the funtionality themselves they rather use an external. system which is not necessary!
    There are no alternatives. Even though that could be easily accomplished aswell!
    1. Unprotesting
      Author's Response
      The API is free to use yet price calculation algorithms have taken hundreds of hours to get correct. There aren't any viable alternatives for dynamic pricing at the level of complexity auto-tune accomplishes. Despite this, Auto-Tune is free forever for all users who sign up now. The external system is 100% necessary and its not being removed. If it were to be localised all of the staff teams work on the hardest part of the plugin, the complex mathematics, would be taken. However, the rest of the plugin is open-source and free to contribute to. Just because no other developers go to the effort to protect their work by making our algorithms server-side doesn't mean were bad developers. In fact, it means I care about the effort people have already put into the plugin. Thank you for leaving a review but you haven't contacted us before leaving this review to talk about the plugin so please contact us.
  10. OfficiallyJK
    Version: 0.11.1
    Can I just say how awesome the devs are? Friendly, always active, and ready to help.

    Many people have tried to develop economy plugins with variable pricing, but this plugin by far is the cleanest and easiest to use. The shop GUI is simple, the setup process is smooth, and the algorithm just works! I can finally end the rampant inflation that happens on my server without feeling like a dictator. We serve the algorithm.