AutoAnnouncer [1.8 - 1.16] 1.1.0

Automatically announces a text after a period of time

  1. AutoAnnouncer Changelog 1.1.0: Optional Motd for when a player joins the server

    • Added a Motd message when players join
    • Added a header and footer
    • Moved the enable and disable for Announcer to Settings
  2. AutoAnnouncer Changelog 1.0.1: Reload command customizable

    • Commands Subsection in the config
    • Made the reload message customizable
    • Made the reload command to be turned on and off (true, false)
    • Customizable reload command disabled message
    Important Information
    • If you have downloaded the plugin already and you update the jar your config will lose all of the commands and spaces between sections. To return to the old version of the config you can open the plugin with WinRAR, check out the docs, or...