AutoAnnouncer[Sk] 1

Simple and easy for anyone to use!

  1. Ryb


    This Skript is a simple, automatic message broadcast announcer.

    - Easy to use, edit anytime.
    - Light weight plugin, will run smoothly on any server.
    - No Commands, No Permissions. Just Plug and Play!
    - Customize your messages with the Bukkit Color Codes.
    - Set announcements to broadcast every; second, minute, hour, day


    How to Install:
    - Ensure you have downloaded the Skript Plugin.
    - Right click and open the 'AutoAnnouncer[Sk]' file with Notepad++ or another suitable text editor.
    - Edit the config to your liking. Be sure to save the file after making changes.
    - Drop the file into /plugins/Skript/scripts/ directory of your server.
    - Restart your server and Enjoy your Auto Announcements!


    This is my first ever plugin. If you have any problems or feature requests, please ask them in the Discussion section.
    I will do my best to keep this resource up to date and try to add any features that you may request.