autoAnswer 1.0

automatically answer players with a preset message

  1. ohnx
    Do you find that new players often spam chat with questions? Do you want to help people out by automatically answering questions, even if you might be offline or AFK?

    If so, meet autoAnswer :D

    autoAnswer gives server owners what is hopefully (if not, please let me know!) an easy way to configure automatic replies to certain chat messages.

    Quick rundown:
    Here's some important things to know about autoAnswer:
    1. If a player repeats the same message twice in a row, autoAnswer will allow the message through (intentional so that in cases of false triggers, a player can still get their message sent) - will try to make this configurable in the future
    2. In the configuration, the trigger "sentence" should be a list of keywords separated by spaces
    To clarify #2 a bit, imagine we have the line
    Code (Text):

         - "create a faction": "Try running &a/f create <name>&r to create a faction."
    For this case, a player can ask any sentence containing those words and not necessarily in the same order (ie, "faction, how can i create a new one?") and have their message trigger autoAnswer.

    Commands added:
    • /autoanswer reloadconfig - an admin command just to reload the config from config.yml

    Permissions added:
    • autoAnswer.ignore - be ignored/excluded by autoAnswer
    • autoAnswer.admin - reload the configuration file

    Extra random things worth mentioning:

    If it helps, here's a link to a sample configuration, Need help with anything else about my plugin? Please feel free to message me or post on the forum, or whatever else is the recommended method of communication over spigot. :)

    Feedback and bugs:
    Please give feedback and bug reports! It is how I improve my plugin ;)

    Source code can be found on github here

Recent Reviews

  1. ResleyNation
    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin works well, and can be easy configured, this plugin have permissions?
  2. ussnissnar
    Version: 1.0
    I love this plugin! It's been a great help for the users of my server! Please continue to work on this plugin as it's unique and an essential for all minecraft servers.
    1. ohnx
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review :D

      Are there any features you want to see in the plugin? :)