AutoBroadcast 1.2.0

Simple, asynchronous auto broadcasting system at a customizable interval

  1. Reloading / Placeholder API Support.

    This update is largely internal, but it also includes several highly requested features including:

    • The Ability to reload config.yml & locale.yml using /autobroadcast reload (this will also reset the broadcast task)
    • The ability to use placeholders in broadcasts
    • BStats anonymous statistics
    See PR#1 for the change-log

    I suggest updating as soon as possible, it's as simple as replacing the AutoBroadcast...
  2. Version 1.1.1: 1.16 support

    Hey everyone,
    Just some small changes in this update, bungeecord support is coming in the tba: 1.2 release.

    Added a simple non-intrusive version checker to the plugin, only logs to the console.
  3. Uploaded jar to spigot

    Just changed the download link to use spigot.
  4. Fixed download link

    Fixed the download link, after I received a report it was broken, apologies
  5. Modernisation, Broadcast opt-out permission

    Hey everyone! Thanks for continuing to support my plugins, Autobroadcast has been neglected for some time (almost a year!) So, I decided to modernise it, with a near complete restructuring of the code-base.

    Included is a new feature request, in which using the "autobroadcast.bypass" permission will exempt that user (or group) from receiving broadcasts. This functionality is disabled by default as operators are considered to have...
  6. 1.15.2 Update

    There were no feature updates with this release.

    Merely switched back to compile against the Spigot-API and updated the pom.xml to compile against Spigot-1.15.2-RO.1

    Feel free to suggest any changes you'd like to see on my discord or as an issue.