AutoEye Anticheat [1.7-1.12] 0.69A

A 100% multi-threaded anticheat.

  1. Heirteir
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Kavatch (helps with development), Syn (Bug Testing/Idea Generator)
    Want to test AutoEye:

    • Precise: AutoEye uses extremely accurate, and well thought out methods to detect hackers.
    • No Dependencies: AutoEye has zero dependencies. It implements it's own packet Handling to manage packets.
    • Efficient: AutoEye uses the least server intensive checks to make sure your servers run well while blocking hackers.
    • Advanced: AutoEye uses Physics instead of predefined numbers. This allows for more accurate checks.
    • Multi-threaded: Every check is ran on a separate thread. This allows for your server to take advantage of it's multiple cores.

    • Combat
      • Entity Interaction (Stop players from attacking through walls)
      • Kill Aura (Aim) (this only detects blatant kill aura at the moment)
    • Movement
      • Blink
      • Checker Climb
      • Climb
      • FastFall
      • Floating
      • Fly
      • Glide
      • HighJump
      • NoFall
      • NoSlowDown
      • Phase
      • Scaffold
      • Speed
      • Step
      • Timer
      • Vclip
      • WaterWalk
      • Y Port
      • Low Hop
    • Player
      • PacketSpam
      • Fast Place
      • Fast Break
      • Ghost Hand
      • Headless
      • NoPotion/Zoot
      • Ping Spoof
      • Regen
      • Inventory Move


    autoeye.notify (Default: OP): get notifications of players hacking.
    autoeye.bypass.* (Default: None): bypass all checks.


    If you need support please feel free to PM me, or post in the discussion. Please refrain from posting issues in the reviews. I also have a discord if you want fast support.The link to the discord is

Recent Reviews

  1. FendiTony777
    Version: 0.69A
    few in game commands. But overall the anticheat is free and is working, its stopping people fly and use other movement hacks
  2. Porkchop
    Version: 0.69A
    I will be using this on my kit-pvp server, nocheatplus has too many false positives/bypasses, aac costs too much, so far i havent seen one single false positive even on players with low ping/high ping.
  3. kil3rblood
    Version: 0.69A
    Just asking for a new discord invite but GREAT and i mean GREAT anti cheat way better than any paid one ive seen so i thank you for making this free and good
  4. coolpvpv
    Version: 0.69A
    pretty good anticheat didn't find much bypasses but can you update this again with the killaura check cause i want to test that and i dont want to use a old version sense it doesn't have the bug fixes in the latest one but pretty good ac
    1. Heirteir
      Author's Response
      I am coming back from my hiatus. I will be adding official 1.13 support soon. Combat is an ambition of mine and hopefully sometime soon I will be able to incorporate it into the plugin.
  5. howtoNhut
    Version: 0.69A
    Please add the plugin configuration file :(
  6. JosephRobinson
    Version: 0.69A
    Perfect anti-cheat but no config or commands. would be nice to add custom prefix and verbose
  7. Nort721
    Version: 0.69A
    It's a very nice AntiCheat, Fly check is decent, Having no config is a really bad and lazy thing to do and There are checks that won't detect anything for example: Scaffold, Inventory Move, and so on if you work more on checks or at least write on them beta, and add a decent configuration file I'll change my rating
    1. Heirteir
      Author's Response
      InventoryMove only activates is a player is clicking in their inventory while moving. Scaffold is currently being reworked. The config is intentionally removed as it is going to be used in a separate addon plugin.
  8. Mahyar
    Version: 0.69A
    Its great anticheat. Has great detection. But no config and thats a bad idea. :(
  9. ZachThePwn
    Version: 0.69A
    Great anti-cheat plugin, especially for a free one! I've tried quite a few and this one truly does the trick without having any issues so far with false positives. Most anti-cheats I've tried have had many false positives and made it rather annoying to play the server as a normal player, this one has had none of those issues. Highly recommend!
  10. Sn0wiiii
    Version: 0.69A
    Ima using it just few hours, but I found that it most of times moves players back when they jump and then place block under them. You know what I mean, like when trying to reach glowstone in nether. I tested it on my testing account and also players have problems. Is it just my problem? (version 0.69A on spigot 1.12.2 b1648)
    1. Heirteir
      Author's Response
      I plan on fixing this issue soon I am noticing this myself when testing on my personal server.