AutoEye Anticheat [1.7-1.12] 0.57A

An anticheat where compatibility is top priority.

  1. Heirteir
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
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    • Precise: AutoEye uses extremely accurate, and well thought out methods to detect hackers.
    • No Dependencies: AutoEye has zero dependencies. It implements it's own packet Handling to manage packets.
    • Efficient: AutoEye uses the least server intensive checks to make sure your servers run well while blocking hackers.
    • Advanced: AutoEye uses Physics instead of predefined numbers. This allows for more accurate checks.
    • Auto Updating: AutoEye automatically updates itself, and the config on server reload to make sure your server always has the latest protection.

    • Combat
      • Entity Interaction (Stop players from attacking through walls)
    • Movement
      • Blink
      • Checker Climb
      • Climb
      • FastFall
      • Floating
      • Fly
      • Glide
      • HighJump
      • NoFall
      • NoSlowDown
      • Speed
      • Step
      • Timer
      • Vclip
      • WaterWalk
      • Y Port
      • Low Hop
    • Player
      • PacketSpam
      • Fast Place
      • Fast Break
      • Ghost Hand
      • Headless
      • NoPotion/Zoot
      • Ping Spoof
      • Regen
      • Inventory Move


    autoeye.notify (Default: OP): get notifications of players hacking.
    autoeye.bypass.* (Default: None): bypass all checks.
    autoeye.bypass.speed.* (Default: None): bypass all Speed related checks.
    autoeye.bypass.impossibleinteractions.* (Default: None): bypass all Impossible Interactions based checks.
    autoeye.bypass.impossiblemovements.* (Default: None): bypass all Impossible Movements based checks.
    autoeye.bypass.packets.* (Default: None): bypass all packet related checks.


    If you need support please feel free to PM me, or post in the discussion. I also have a discord if you want fast support. the link to the discord is
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Recent Reviews

  1. PlesCZ
    Version: 0.57A
    Better AutoEye than AAC. I'll wait for combat checks! :D I think they will be amazing.
  2. hung1612
    Version: 0.54B
    error when walking on grasspath or farmland dirt
    1. Heirteir
      Author's Response
      Sorry, but I can't seem to recreate the issue. Could you PM me what exactly is happening on the grass path, and farmland dirt? Thank you!
  3. ElSenorFoxy
    Version: 0.54B
    Hello! This anticheat is really good! I think this can be the best on SpigotMC. Make a mod mode compatible with this anticheat!!! :) Have a nice day
    1. Heirteir
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Could you PM me what exactly a mod mode is?
  4. Abattior
    Version: 0.54B
    Do not listen to the guy below. I made an account just to review this amazing anticheat. I test on flux b13, and liquid bounce and not even a single speed bypassed. Very nice keep up great work :D :D :D
    1. Heirteir
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much! I am very happy you like AutoEye. If you ever need help please feel free to PM me, or post in the discussion. Thanks again for the amazing review!
  5. endlessgaming1
    Version: 0.52A
    if i allow players to fly would the anti cheat keep going of people are fly hacking if they have the perm to fly
    1. Heirteir
      Author's Response
      Please PM me, because what you said didn't make any sense. I don't have a 'Fly' perm.
  6. AppleCraft12345
    Version: 0.52A
    I'm sorry for giving you this bad review, but this plugin really deserves it. Normally, I would first contact you to tell you about possible bypasses, but with this plugin, I can use full FLUX SPEED (NCP SPEED, SlowHop and some other variants). This speed check is the worst one I ever saw, and this plugin doesn't even have permissions and config (it have config, but it is only about version and autoupdate option). I wont recommend this plugin to anyone if they want to protect their server from any type of speed hackers. Fly check works great
    1. Heirteir
      Author's Response
      I will make sure to have this fixed in the next update. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
  7. RobELV
    Version: 0.50D
    Previous versions would always cause false Impossible Movements flags with worlds generated by RealisticWorldGenerator. Since this update, this plugin has improved tenfold and no longer gives off false flags. Thanks for this!
    1. Heirteir
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I am glad you like the plugin! Please feel free to PM me if you ever have issues with the plugin. :)
  8. PlesCZ
    Version: 0.50D
    Amazing update!! :D Wau!! :D Good luck!! :D Continue on!!
    1. Heirteir
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
  9. JosephRobinson
    Version: 0.50C
    Great plugin! Please add auto updater!
    80 cheracters............................
    1. Heirteir
      Author's Response
      Thank you! AutoEye already has an Auto Updater :P
  10. chipmunk
    Version: 0.50B
    really nice plugin, just a suggestion, could you please add cross server notifications for all those bungee cord owners?
    1. Heirteir
      Author's Response
      Thank you. I may make an addon for bungeecord soon.