AutoItem 1.2

never worry about switching items again!

  1. PurePlugins

    Hello all! PurePlugins here with a super small be useful plugin called AutoItem . AutoItem is a plugin that will allow users to easily switch items that have either broke or run out if they have the replacement item on there inventory. This plugin is lightweight and easy to use.

    How to use.png
    If the user has the correct permissions when he breaks an item or runs out of it, it will be replaced as long as he can provide the replacement material.


    Respects item enchantments & durability on replacement items
    permissions for easy use
    works on all block and tool types
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  1. Alventra
    Version: 1.2
    It's good as long as you don't use it in creative.
    If you for example have black, grey, and white wool in your inventory in creative, and you place the black it will be remove from the inventory and replaced with one of the two other wool