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AutoKick 0.3

Kick player, simple plugins, download now!

  1. stickball91
    AutoKick - Plugins

    Do you want kick a player from your server? Starting today will be able well!

    AutoKick is a plugins "Light" that it allows of kick server players. the plugins occupies little CPU

    the commands are:
    /Help autokick


    /AutoKick <Player Name> <Reason> permissions: autokick.kick
    /AutoKick <Player Name> Permissions: autokick.kick


    Kick message (Added color support!)


    download the plugins and try it!

    There are bus report? Contact us on Skype!
    AppleCarmine_ > carminevolpe3
    i_ii_zx_D3s_i_x > icecampion

    sorry for grammatical errors, but I'm Italian! :)