AutoKiller (Advanced Auto-Clicker Detection) 2.6

Advanced Auto-Clicking detection and removal

  1. 2.6 ~ Bug fixes mainly (+ All features from 2.5)

    • 2.5 had some issues, this version hopefully fixes that.
    • If you didn't download 2.5, I've implemented new features and fixed a lot of errors!
    • This version will reset your config.
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  2. 2.2 ~ Compatibility Update! (1.7 support)

    This heavily requested feature is finally here! AutoKiller now supports 1.8 and 1.7 spigot servers! Just make sure you use the proper ProtocolLib version!
  3. 2.1 ~ Max-ping config option!

    As requested, this update introduces an configuration option to disable all checks if a player's ping is greater than the configured value.
  4. 2.0 ~ More accuracy, more features, more ~Extraordinaire~ (Delete your previous config)

    • Updated consistency check to be much more accurate with very few false positives.
    • Changed zero delay check slightly and made it disable for 1.7 support? Haven't tested 1.7 support yet, if there are errors contact me.
    • Added new configuration options for the alert message.
    • You MUST DELETE your previous config!
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