Automated Crafting 1.12/1.14-2.2.1

Transforms droppers into automatic item crafters!

  1. MineDaveXD
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Easily create autocrafters capable of crafting any recipe!
    These autocrafters are easy and cheap to make and they can craft every single item with every single possible recipe. (including those added by many plugins!)

    The plugin is easy to use and requires zero configuration work. With compatibility for Minecraft 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14.

    How does it work?
    these steps might not work exactly the same when not using the default configuration

    1) Place a dropper in the world.

    2) Put an item frame on any side of the dropper.

    3) Put the item you want to craft in the item frame.

    4) Fill up the dropper with the crafting ingredients.

    5) Enjoy your new autocrafter!

    Compatible Plugins
    Any plugins that register their custom recipes into bukkit is compatible! However, some plugins don't do this and special compatibility is added for them, these plugins include:
    - CustomCrafting by WolfyScript (recipes won't sync until /reloadrecipes is called)

    Extra Features
    * Autocrafters will put the items inside of containers adjacent to the face of the dropper. This saves performance for servers so players don't need to have hoppers to pick up the items. The dropped item is also always spawned in the same location right in front of the dropper.
    * Powering the dropper will stop the autocrafting process even if there are still items inside. Even a block power of 1 is enough.
    * Plugins can cancel the AutoPreCraftItemEvent to prevent certain items from getting crafted, they can even cancel all recipes with a specific item in it using AutoPostCraftItemEvent.
    * You can make custom autocrafter-only recipes using the same syntax used in vanilla datapacks by placing .json files in the /AutomatedCrafting/recipes/ folder!
    * Deny users the permission `automatedcrafting.makeautocrafters` to prevent them from making auto crafters!
    * The source is available over on github!

    !! Upcoming Features (next update: v3.0) !!
    * Compatibility for Minecraft 1.15
    * Universal jar that works on (mc 1.12 only) too!
    * Configuration option to allow dispensers/hoppers to be autocrafters.
    * Improved recipe loading on 1.13+
    * Bugfix where custom item auto crafters can get invalidated when server is restarted.
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Recent Reviews

  1. zxasazx
    Version: 1.12/1.14-2.2.1
    This is a really good plugin for automation, works well with mythicmobs and customcrafting plugins. Had an issue with the plugin and sent the dev a message describing it and it was fixed within an hour. Great plugin and great service by the dev.
  2. samo_lego
    Version: 1.12/1.14-2.1
    Absolutely fantastic! Neat way of autocrafting, which can be easily understood. Thank you for such an awesome plugin! <3
  3. Drakanoiderna
    Version: 1.12/1.14-2.1
    A nice plugin simple for players to understand and set up.
    Good support.
    I hope the developer will do more nice plugin like this one.
  4. Florens_
    Version: 1.12/1.14-2.0
    Heeey denjel u here too? Very nice plugin!
    I hope to see more of your work on spigotmc soon!
  5. _Nitu
    Version: 1.12/1.14-1.0
    This is a great plug-in. Automation is very attractive for players. Thank you very much