Automatic Server Reconnect (Bungee-Reconnect) 1.6.1

Automatically reconnects players when a server goes down or restarts

  1. Better messages & Exception Handling

    This patch fixes an issue where the Reconnecting message would stay up even if the Connection failed. Now when this happens the Restarting message will be displayed again.

    Another fix is console spam related to smooth-brain exception handing in ReconnectServerConnector

    Other misc changes are default config related, such as adding a link to all available Sounds that can be played as Reconnection music.
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  2. Add Reconnect Music (Protocolize Required)

    This update allows you to play music while reconnecting a player.
    For this to work you must have Protocolize installed.

    This Update requires a config regeneration.
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  3. Add French Translation

    This minor update adds a French Translation contributed by 4xx22 You'll need to regenerate your langs folder for this to appear.
  4. Simplified Chinese localization, maven package repository

    This release adds localization for Simplified Chinese.

    Additionally, for developers, from this release forward there is now a maven package repository for this project!

    A big thanks to @CJYKK for the localization contribution.
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  5. Fix failKickMessage color not working; Updated German language

    This update fixes an issue where the failKickMessage would not color, as well a typo in the German localization file.

    Thanks to @info.jatitv for the contribution.
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  6. only generate language files when folder is empty or default language is missing, add bstats

    only generate language files when folder is empty or default language is missing.

    Add bstats
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  7. Add German language

    Added German language.

    That's it.
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  8. Add dynamic localization

    This release adds support for dynamic localization of messages based upon the clients' locale

    Locale files can be found in ./plugins/Reconnect/lang/

    When updating to this version it will require a configuration regeneration.

    A big thanks to @dallasxfulcanelly for the contribution.
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  9. Fixed duplicate player listings

    Fixed duplicate player listings when a user disconnects/switches server while reconnecting
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  10. Major rewrite

    This update includes a major rewrite of how reconnect handles connections
    • Better handling of kicks and failures just after connecting.
    • Better compatibility with other plugins.
    • Package refactor.
    This update does not have any configuration changes.