Automatic Server Reconnect (Bungee-Reconnect) 1.3.0

Automatically reconnects players when a server goes down or restarts

  1. Better support for chosing what servers reconnect will function on.

    This update adds better debugging support and a finer ability to control what servers auto reconnect functions on.
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  2. It is now possible to send only subtitles

    This minor update allows you to only send subtitles if you wish.
    Previous behavior required you to put a color char in the title's text in order to send the subtitle.
  3. Api changes

    This update contains API changes meant to allow other plugins to interact with and create their own implementations the ServerQueue.
  4. Added ability to add more custom animations

    You can now add more animations and their associated placeholders in the config.

    This update regenerates the config
  5. Fixed issue where someone could still be sent to the reconnecting server if they switch servers

    This was fixed before but reintroduced later.

    If someone was in the very last stages of finalizing a connection with the server they are reconnecting to when they switch servers they will still be pulled back to that server.

    This update fixed that.
  6. Fixed plugin message memory leak, NPE and now calls ServerConnectEvent when connecting

    This update addresses a memory leak where plugin messages are kept from the last connection to the new connection.

    Fixed an NPE when a users server is null

    Plugin now calls ServerConnectEvent when establishing a connection to the downed server.
  7. Fixed issue where players can be reconnected after they switch servers

    There was an issue where if a players connection was finalizing even if the they switched servers they could be reconnected back to the server.
  8. users when reconnecting are sent to fallback on reload of plugin rather than timing out

    Before this update reconnecters would have just timed out after the plugin was reloaded (they just get cancelled).
    Now the users get sent to one of the fallback servers if available, if not, kicked.

    Fixed commands being registered before listener.

    the (last) versioning change
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  9. Fixed NPE changed versioning

    Fixed NPE that can occur when the reconnecter is cancelled
  10. Many improvements

    This update has many fixes and changes.
    to summarize:
    1. Plugin now respects per-listener server fallback priorities (This may have caused issues with people not being sent back to fallback servers)
    2. Performance and behavior optimizations
    3. More accurate timing
    4. Faster reconnections with less time spend waiting
    Note: this update requires a config regeneration.
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