AutoMessage 1.5

Run automated messages every x seconds.

  1. Added tellraw feature and fixed console spam

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    Auto Message 1.5
    - Tellraw feature can be enabled in config.yml. More information about tell raw can be found at
    - Messages won't spam console now, they're only sent to players.
  2. Added random feature

    Added ability randomly broadcast automessages.
    The plugin will store the last 3 messages sent to avoid the same message being sent twice.

    - Delete the current AutoMessage.jar
    - Install the updated version of AutoMessage.jar
    - Start your server
    - Stop your server

    You'll see a new setting in /plugins/AutoMessage/config.yml called "Random"
    Set this to true if you wish to use this new feature.
  3. Fix reload command

    Fixed messageid not resetting when using the reload command (/automessage)
  4. Total code rewrite

    Entire code rewritten, designed to work on most versions of minecraft. Easy to configure config.yml
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  5. fixed permissiosn

    fixed permissions not working.
  6. Added reload command.

    • Added reload commands, /automessage reload