AutoMessager v1.7

Auto broadcast message. (PlaceholderAPI support, 130+ symbols)

  1. Toldi
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Version: 1.7.x-1.12.x
    Commands & Permissions | Config.yml | Placeholders | Messages.yml | Issues | Symbols

    I ask everyone to use the latest version, because I may have fixed that bug.

    This plugin may be useful because it automatically sends messages from a specified file and can also set a specific time when to send the messages.​

    • PlaceholderAPI support.
    • Custom editable message file (only .txt file).
    • Run commands after send auto message (console & player). - v1.5
    • Minimum player to send the messages.
    • Messages for time.
    • Broadcast to console. - v1.3
    • Unlimited messages.
    • Disabled worlds. - v1.2
    • Sound in auto broadcast message.
    • Random broadcast messages.
    • 120+ symbols. - v1.3
    • Time setup (ticks, sec, min, h). - v1.2
    ( ) = command abbreviations

    < > = required arguments
    ; = writes more to one place

    - /automessager (or /am) - Main plugin info.
    - /am reload (or rl) - Reload the config files.
    - /am disable - Disable the plugin.
    - /am clearall - Clear all message from the file. - v1.7
    - /am add <message> - Adds a message. - v1.5
    - /am remove (or rem) <file line number> - Remove the text from the file. - v1.6
    - /am list - List messages. - v1.2
    - /am broadcast
    (or bc) <message> - Broadcast message. - v1.2
    - /am help - Help commands.
    - /am toggle <on;off> - Toggle auto messages. - v1.1

    automessager.* - Allow all AutoMessager permissions. - v1.6
    automessager.reload - You can use the "/am reload" command. - default: op - You can use "/am help" command. - default: varied
    automessager.plugindisable - You can use the "/am disable" command. - default: op
    automessager.add - You can use the "/am add" command. - default: false - v1.5
    - You can use the "/am remove" command. - default: false - v1.6
    - You can use the "/am clearall" command. - default: false - v1.7
    - You can use "/am" command. (This can be disabled in config.) - default: varied
    automessager.toggle - You can use the "/am toggle" command. - default: op - v1.1
    - You can use [TAB] after the command. - default: false - v1.1
    - Enables you to print auto broadcast messages. - default: true - Allows the player to use the "/am toggle off" command. - default: false - v1.2
    - Allows the player to use the "/am toggle on" command. - default: false - v1.2
    - Allows the player to use the "/am broadcast" command. - default: false - v1.2
    - Allows the player to use the "/am list" command. - default: false - v1.2

    1. Open the folder on your server.
    2. Find the "plugins" folder.
    3. Open.
    4. Drag the file into "AutoMessager.jar" file.
    5. Go back.
    6. Start the server or "/reload" command to upgrade it.​

    Code (Text):
    #                   AutoMessager Configuration File                      #
    # config.yml file. Plugin version: 1.7                                   #
    # Author, created by: montlikadani                                       #
    # [Default configuration]                                                #
    #    #
    #                                                                        #
    # [Placeholders]                                                         #
    #             #
    #                                                                        #
    # [Other placeholders]                                                   #
    #         #
    #                                                                        #
    # [Tips]                                                                 #
    # - Use color coding '&' character, on this page:                        #
    #                        #
    # - In case of an error, write here:                                     #
    #                    #
    # - Use symbols in messages, on this page:                               #
    #              #

    #         AutoMessage Settings            #
    # Enables broadcasting.
    enable-broadcast: true

    # Enable to use PlaceholderAPI for the plugin.
    placeholderapi: false

    # In what worlds do NOT send a message?
    # If you do not want one, use it like this: disabled-worlds: []
    disabled-worlds: []

    # The messages.txt (you have entered here) can use special characters here:
    # The file that will contain the messages to broadcast.
    message-file: 'messages.txt' #It is not worth rewriting from .txt because errors may occur.

    # The minimal amount of players that has to be online for a message to broadcast.
    # Set to 0 to disable this feature.
    min-players: 1

    # The %title% placeholder. You can enter this in the file.
    # Use %newline% placeholder.
    title: '&c[&aAuto&9Messager&c] '

    # The suffix of the sender. You can enter this in the file.
    # Use %suffix% placeholder in the file.
    suffix: ''

    # Time is the time between each message.
    time: 3
    # Time settings.
    # Variables: ticks, sec, min, h
    # Example: 20 ticks = 1 second; 1 second = 20 ticks; 1 minute = 60 second; 1 hour = 60 minute
    time-setup: min

    # Want to broadcast the messages in order or randomly?
    # Minimum 2 message needed!
    random: false

    # Broadcast to console.
    # WARNING! It does not show placeholders and symbols in the console.
    broadcast-to-console: false

    # Run commands after sending auto messages.
      # Player commands.
        enable: false
        # Use %player%, %player-displayname%, %world% placeholder.
        - '/baltop'
      # Console commands.
        enable: false
        # Use %player%, %player-displayname%, %world% placeholder.
        - '/kit tools %player%'
        - '/bal %player%'

    # Sound playback when broadcasting.
    # All sounds:
    # 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x:
    # 1.8.x:
    # 1.7.x:
      enable: false
      volume: 10
      pitch: 1

    #             Plugin Settings             #
    # The AutoMessager plugin is disabled (false) or enabled (true).
    enabled: true

    # bStats Metrics.
    metrics: true

    # Check for updates.
    check-update: true

    # Log plugin messages into console.
    logconsole: true

    # Logging to file plugin messages.
    log-to-file: true

    # Plugin enable/disable messages in console.
    # Use %prefix%, %newline% placeholder.
    # >> NO supported the PlaceholderAPI! <<
    plugin-enable-message: true
    plugin-enable: '%prefix%&a The plugin successfully enabled&6 v1.7&a!'
    plugin-disable-message: true
    plugin-disable: '%prefix%&c The plugin successfully disabled!'

    # The default is allowed to see the plugin information.
    # Permission: automessager.plugininfo
    default-can-see-plugin-information: false

    # Unknown-command - If more than one word/letter you write to it.
    # Example: /am reload something...
    # Use %command% placeholder.
    # This feature is NOT enter into the unknown command Minecraft, it's just your own.
    # >> NO supported the PlaceholderAPI! <<
    unknown-command-enable: true
    unknown-command: '%prefix%&c Unknown command.&7 Type "&f/%command% help&7" for help.'

    config-version: 1
    What do these features mean in the configuration?
    Here you will find it. (Click)

    Color Codes
    On this page:

    &0 - Black
    &1 - Dark Blue
    &2 - Dark Green
    &3 - Dark Aqua
    &4 - Dark Red
    &5 - Dark Purple
    &6 - Gold
    &7 - Gray
    &8 - Dark Gray
    &9 - Blue
    &a - Green
    &b - Aqua
    &c - Red
    &d - Light Purple
    &e - Yellow
    &f - White (I could not produce white, because if you do not use markers to distinguish it seems.)

    Taking the shape of letters:
    &k - Obfuscated
    &l - Bold
    &m - Strikethrough
    &n - Underline
    &o - Italic
    &r - Reset
    Config.yml file placeholders
    %prefix% = Plugin prefix.
    %newline% = Adds a new line.
    %player% = Player name. - v1.5
    %player-displayname% = Player display name. - v1.5
    %world% = World name. - v1.5
    Messages.yml file placeholders
    %prefix% = Plugin prefix.
    %command% = What you type is a command, it will write.
    %newline% = Adds a new line.
    %subcmd% = Sub command.
    %word% = Removed word. - v1.6
    %args% = Sub command argument.
    %message% = Broadcast message. - v1.2
    %perm% = Permission.
    Messages.txt placeholders
    %title% = Prefix title. - v1.1
    %prefix% = Plugin prefix.
    %suffix% = Suffix. - v1.6
    %newline% = Adds a new line. - v1.6

    PlaceholderAPI placeholders:
    These placeholders are not for all of the features!


    - PlaceholderAPI
    If you do not use PlaceholderAPI, here is the article about what it says: Click

    File usage
    Use a file on this link. (Click)
    About the file
    Do not overwrite it from .txt to another file format because the server throw a lot of bug.​

    Minecraft 1.7.x-1.8.x-1.9.x-1.10.x-1.11.x-1.12.x versions, 1.6.x Does not work anymore!
    1.7.x version bug: Console does not display colors.
    View full changes log: Click

    You can not download it? Here is the link to download: Click
    Older versions: Click

    PlaceholderAPI usage
    /papi help - PlaceholderAPI help.
    /papi ecloud list all <page number> - Lists all the plugins for downloadable plugins.
    /papi ecloud download Player - Enables %player_name%,%player_displayname% etc. placeholder.
    /papi reload - Reloads the plugin and the cloud.
    More help:

Recent Reviews

  1. agentcru
    Version: v1.6
    Only one thing you could do better:
    Add letters that exist only in certain languages such as ä, ö, ü, ß ...
    If you would do this the Plugin will be perfect!!!

    Best regards
    Oriam Owner
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      I will not do this because it is very simple to copy or enter the ALT code and complete.
  2. agentcru
    Version: v1.5
    Hey the plugin is good, but I would like to have the placeholder %newline% in the messages.txt file too.
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      I'll update the plugin soon and it'll be there.
  3. -BeefSoup-
    Version: v1.5
    Amazing plugin but there are some bugs, The toggling of messages does not seem to be working great atm but im sure over a few more updates it will be fixed!

    Highly recommend this plugin though!
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
      Thank you for reporting it! I'll see what I can do.
  4. Ricozaur
    Version: v1.3
    Really good and easy to use plugin, but very underrated.
    This plugin deserves more attention, it's better then any other AutoMessage plugin i found!
    Using this on my minecraft server right now and it works perfectly.
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
      There will be an error with the list command, but I have already fixed it and will soon be upgraded.
  5. AztecWalker
    Version: v1.2
    What a great plugin!!
    Works perfectly on 1.12 !!!
    No bugs founded..
    The autor is fast responding to help..
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the rating of the plugin.