AutoMessageSender v3.5

A simple plugin to broadcast messages in chat periodically with config support.

  1. uski12
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    A simple plugin to broadcast messages. Messages can be customized and added in the config.yml file with a configurable delay between each message.

    For legacy versions(pre 1.13):

    Features as of v3.5:
    • /ams broadcast command to broadcast a message manually[can be disabled in the config.yml file]
    • An option to view all the messages in the config file
    • Option to broadcast messages randomly or in an order
    • Option in config.yml to autostart on server reload/startup
    • Customizable delay between each message
    • Customizable & unlimited messages

    Both /ams and /automessagesender work.

    /ams start >> Starts the plugin
    /automessagesender stop >> Stops the plugin
    /ams reload >> Reloads the plugin
    /ams list >> Shows a list of the messages
    /ams broadcast <message> (Example: /ams broadcast &6This is a broadcast.) >> Broadcasts the message entered.

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Recent Reviews

  1. ItalianNinja
    Version: v3.5
    Best plugin ever, some indian hackers from Zimbabwe started attacking me, and I used this plugin to remind them every 2 seconds that I have no money to give them. Saved my life. Peace restored. Thanks Uski, you are the best.
  2. Zenya4
    Version: v3.1
    There were a bunch of hackers DDOSing my server and I used this plugin to broadcast a message to tell them to go away. It was extremely effective and they left immediately, never to return. This plugin is a real life saver and I would 10/10 recommend it to anyone who owns a server.
    1. uski12
  3. Destial
    Version: v3.0
    best plugin ever. saved my life from fire because the auto message always reminded me to drink water in my server. thanks uski!!!!
    1. uski12