AutoNick 1.1

Useful Nick plugin for Server Owners & Developer

    With this plugin you have a Item wich you can click. Than you can choose between 'Nick me now' & 'Nick me on game join'. You can also enable with a command a Nick on join function.

    You need LibsDisguises!

    - /nick | opens a GUI
    - /nick (name) | Give you the nickname you choose
    - /nick help | Open a help Page

    - AutoNick.nick

    For Developers:
    Code (Text):
    #Nick a player with an any name
    Nick(Player p, String name);

    #Remove the nick name
    removeNick(Player p);

    #Nick a player with a rondom name from the config
    NickRandom(Player p);

    #Get a name from the config

    #Check if the a player is already nicked with this name
    exists(String s);

    #Check if a player is nicked
    isNicked(Player p);
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Recent Updates

  1. Skin changing and more

Recent Reviews

  1. ScoopDoggy
    Version: 1.1
    Nice Plugin, but the Nick GUI isn't working ;( =====================100 characters=====================
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      It given't a Nick GUI.
  2. BinNiklas
    Version: 1.1
    Nice the Skin changer and name changer work but !
    can you add a editable tab color for the nickname ? and a permission ore a setting to activate the nickname on server join ?
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      Yes I add a function to Nick on Join ;D
  3. NoxOfficial
    Version: 1.1
    Nice but the skin doesnt change and the gui isnt working :c
    I hope you fix it. Have a nice day ~Nox :D
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      It given't a Nick GUI.